Google Earth arrives in the browser with no plugin required


The Google Earth Plugin has been an amazing tool to help bring Google Earth into the browser, but with the upcoming release of Google Maps you'll be able to view Google Earth in your web browser … [Read more...]

How NASA uses Google Earth

All of us use Google Earth in different ways. Some use it to look for new homes, some use it for tracking satellites, some use it to explore far corners of the world and some use to to plan missions … [Read more...]

Teaching about the ocean floor with Google Earth

Google Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

Last month we showed you a creative visualization of the Parting of the Red Sea that MyReadingMapped had put together. They've also assembled a collection of files to help teach users about the ocean … [Read more...]

The Great East Japan Big Data Workshop

Google Earth PLUGIN required.

When Japan was struck by the massive earthquake and tsunami two years ago, many people turned to Google Earth to learn more about the situation. As time has gone by, Google Earth has also been a … [Read more...]

Rally Navigator releases open beta version

Rally Navigator is a program that helps rally riders create printable navigation instructions called roadbooks, used in Cross Country Rally events such as the Dakar Rally. The fun part is that the … [Read more...]

Watching Our Watersheds in Google Earth

Ever since Google Earth was released, it's been an excellent tool for planning and development. We saw environmental groups using it more than seven years ago, companies using it to plan new roads … [Read more...]

Meograph adds drap-n-drop, longer narrations and more

Meograph started out as a pretty neat tool, but their rate of improvement is very quickly turning it into an amazing tool. A few days ago they released three new features that help make the system … [Read more...]

Is the Leap Motion the next great Google Earth controller?

There are a variety of neat third-party devices to help you use Google Earth, but for me nothing has been greater than the 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator. It's a simple device, but packs a lot of power … [Read more...]

3D Fireworks in Google Earth

Google Earth PLUGIN required.

In celebration of the new year many people shoot off fireworks, and we love to show off the work of GEB reader 'Steven' who took it a step further and created some great 3D fireworks in Google Earth! … [Read more...]

The Google Earth Time Machine

One of my favorite features of Google Earth is the historical imagery tool. Being able to click a button and view imagery from years past is an amazing. If you're not familiar with this feature, … [Read more...]