Educational Uses for Google Earth

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Nearly every year at this time, I make sure to remind educators - and students - that Google Earth is a great tool for education. It's not just about learning about geography, Google Earth is a … [Read more...]

Links: Timelapse 3D, Star Tweeting, New Imagery, GeoWeb Glimpse

Timelapse 3D - Watch a timelaps movie of a detailed 3D building being made with SketchUp. It took about an hour for the experienced developer at db-3d to complete. Read his blog post. And here is a … [Read more...]

View Details on July 22 Total Solar Eclipse in Google Earth

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HeyWhatsThat is a site which has many tools for viewing things from your position on the Earth including things like nearby mountain peaks, or night sky objects, or even solar eclipses. On July 22nd, … [Read more...]

Exoplanet Astronomy Star Trek Style

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I stumbled upon a cool site that tells you some basic facts about known exoplanets. But, rather than a boring web page, it pretends you are on the bridge of a Star Trek ship using the computer. The … [Read more...]

News – Sky makes it to Android, Greece Halts Street View

Sky Goes Android - the Google Earth Sky application, which started out as an inside-out version of Google Earth to view the night sky, was first ported to Google Maps over a year ago. Now, Google … [Read more...]

Make AR Movies from Google Earth 3D Models

Augmented Reality (AR) is the mixing of computer generated data and reality in video footage. I received an E-mail from InGlobe Technologies that they have released a new free application which lets … [Read more...]

Astronomers Use Google Sky to Raise Research Funds

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This is a cool way to raise money for your research projects. Borrowing on the old idea of selling stars to make money, the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium (KASC), which is a large … [Read more...]

Links: Planet Search, Interactive KML, FlightSim, iPhone GPS

Planet Search - Recently Google revealed they had added a new feature to the Sky mode of Google Earth (which lets you see the night sky instead of the Earth). The new feature lets you search for our … [Read more...]

Links: Walking, Havana, Eclipse, Oil, Follow the Boat

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Walking Directions in Google Earth - Google has announced you can get walking directions in Google Maps. This new capability is in beta since they don't have thorough enough maps on pedestrian paths … [Read more...]

Links: Big Dog, Plugins, Smoke, Stonehenge, SketchUp Camp, Kenya

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Regular readers should read this one carefully - lots of interesting little tidbits today. Big Dog - A bunch of news writers picked up on this story about a huge dog "seen from space" in the front … [Read more...]