New Google Earth Imagery – April 24th, 2015

Imagery Updates April 24th 2015_small

In yesterday's post we mentioned that Google has stopped producing imagery update maps for every update. It turns out we were wrong. Thank you to GEB reader Munden for letting us know that Google has … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for April 2015


Probably the biggest news in April was the release of a new minor version of Google Earth, the first in nearly two years. It is a minor bug fix release, but it does indicate renewed interest by Google … [Read more...]

Different Zoom – Different Imagery

Ocean Floor Near Hawaii

In March we looked at how Google Earth hides 3D imagery when it is far away. Today we are looking at cases where there are two distinct sets of imagery depending on the distance you are viewing it … [Read more...]

News roundup: Nessie, New Islands and Finding your Way Home

Loch Ness Street View

Loch Ness gets Street View As part of the Catlin Seaview Survey Google have captured Street View from a boat that travelled the length of Loch Ness in Scotland and even stopped and took some photos … [Read more...]

Explore Google Earth on Earth Day


April 22nd is Earth Day which we traditionally celebrate by looking back at some of the environment related stories of the past year. We looked at Google Earth Outreach and how they are helping a … [Read more...]

Historical Imagery and the Ocean Floor


An interesting aspect of the 'historical imagery' feature in Google Earth is that when you turn it on Google Earth displays a different dataset for the ocean floor. Based on the copyright information, … [Read more...]

Frequency of new satellite imagery in Google Earth


When looking around Google Earth in historical imagery, we have noticed an interesting trend with regards to the frequency of satellite imagery updates. It seems that Europe and the USA get … [Read more...]

Google Maps Mania turns 10


If you are as interested in maps as we are, then you probably already know and follow Google Maps Mania. Yesterday, April 13th, they turned 10! Happy Birthday! They were initially focused on Google … [Read more...]

The World’s Longest Straight-Line Sail

Longest straight-line sail

We recently came across this post on Reddit. It references a YouTube video claiming to have discovered the longest straight line that can be sailed without going over land. The video creator calls it … [Read more...]

Lunar Eclipse on 4th April


Tomorrow, 4th April 2015, sees the shortest total lunar eclipse of the century, being total for only 4 minutes and 43 seconds. It is the third in a tetrad of eclipses. You can learn more about the … [Read more...]