Mapzen altitude tiles in Google Earth

A couple of weeks ago we set up a server that allows you to view the NOAA's post Hurricane Matthew aerial imagery in Google Earth. The imagery comes from the NOAA's map, which provides the data in … [Read more...]

Finding Curiosity with Mars HiRISE imagery in Google Earth

Yesterday we had a look at the track of the Curiosity rover in Google Earth. We noticed that there is some very high resolution imagery of the area. We have previously experimented with getting Mars … [Read more...]

The Curiosity rover track

With the recent attempted landing on Mars we thought it might be a good time to discuss another Mars inhabitant, NASA's Curiosity rover.GEB reader Fernando Nogal let us know about a KML file he … [Read more...]

Europe and Russia attempting Mars landing

A joint mission between the European Space Agency (ESA) and Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) is expected to land a probe on Mars today October 19th, 2016. If successful, it will be the first … [Read more...]

‘Little Planets’ – Fisheye art from Google Earth imagery

We recently came across a post by Janis Petke who has created some beautiful pictures using Google Earth, PTGui panorama software and Photoshop.Barcelona, Spain. 'Little Planet' view by Janis … [Read more...]

Acquisition of imagery after natural disasters improving

Last week Hurricane Matthews caused widespread devastation, crossing over Haiti, the Bahamas and then up the east coast of the United States. It caused direct damage from the high winds and waves, … [Read more...]

NOAA post Hurricane Matthew imagery in Google Earth

Yesterday we talked about how the NOAA aerial imagery of the eastern US coast in the wake of Hurricane Matthew is available as map tiles. We investigated how to display map tiles in Google Earth and … [Read more...]

Getting tiled maps into Google Earth

[ Update: See this post for a KML to view to see the NOAA imagery in Google Earth. ]Yesterday we had a look at some aerial imagery of the eastern coast of the US after Hurricane Matthew. The imagery … [Read more...]

More post-Hurricane Matthews imagery

[ Update: See this post for a KML to view to see the NOAA imagery in Google Earth. ]On Monday we had a look at some imagery via Google Crisis Response of the devastation caused by Hurricane … [Read more...]

Panoramio shutdown date set

Google has been planning to shut down panoramic photo sharing site Panoramio since September 2014. The initial plan was to merge it with Google Views which was a similar product. However, due to … [Read more...]