Total Solar Eclipse March 8-9, 2016

This week there will be a total solar eclipse starting in the Indian Ocean, crossing Indonesia then out into the Pacific, ending up North East of Hawaii. A partial eclipse will be visible … [Read more...]

Lexington Financial Center vanishes

Thank you to GEB reader Jackson for letting us know that the Lexington Financial Center, a tall building in Lexington, Kentucky, is completely absent in the recently released 3D imagery for the … [Read more...]

How it works: Classifying Placemarks by Region

We recently created a JavaScript tool for classifying placemarks by region. This post is about how it works. The basic idea is actually quite simple. To determine whether or not a point is inside or … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for February 2016

There have been no major imagery updates since mid-January. The latest imagery to be found in 'historical imagery' is dated January 11, 2016. However, Google did add an image dated February 2nd, 2016, … [Read more...]

Ghostly planes in Google Earth 3D imagery

We recently came across this story about what at first sight appears to be a plane at the bottom of a lake. Today we are looking at how this 'ghosting' effect comes about. The two 'ghostly planes' … [Read more...]

Classifying placemarks by region

As we mentioned in yesterday's post we have been working on a bit of code to determine whether or not a placemark lies inside a polygon. We believe we have got it working and thought it might be … [Read more...]

Converting Shape files to KML with Google Earth Pro

We have been working on some code to determine whether or not a placemark lies inside or outside a polygon. We thought a nice use for that code would be to determine what country a placemark is in. … [Read more...]

Celebrate Chinese Spring Festival in Google Earth

Here at GEB we have traditionally celebrated the new year with a Google Earth fireworks animation created by Steven Ho. This past new year we decided to expand on the idea by allowing you to create … [Read more...]

Google Earth 3D imagery progress

Google continues to push out new 3D imagery on a regular basis. However, an increasingly large proportion of it is updates to areas that already had 3D imagery. The updated areas are generally better … [Read more...]

Fixing our circles

Earlier this week we posted a JavaScript tool for drawing circles in Google Earth. We noted that it didn't seem to be accurate and assumed it was because some of the calculations were being done by … [Read more...]