Google Maps Gallery drops Google Maps Engine


Released in February 2014 the Google Maps Gallery is a good way to find interesting maps that are based on Google's mapping products. The Gallery used to include maps from several Google products, … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for May 2015

Grounding Gratitude

We spent quite a lot of May looking at interesting satellite imagery, most of which was added to Google Earth in either April or May. We looked at imagery in Nepal captured after the April 25th … [Read more...]

New Version of Google Earth


[Update 2: It appears that this release is necessary for viewing Google Maps Gallery maps including public maps that do not normally require a sign in. However, public Google Maps Engine maps such as … [Read more...]

New Nepal Imagery following May 12th Aftershock


Last week we talked about the new imagery in Google Earth following the April 25th Nepal earthquake. On May 12th Nepal experienced a major aftershock consisting of a magnitude 7.3 earthquake. Just … [Read more...]

The Oslo Blur


In September last year, soon after we first released our KML showing the areas covered by 3D imagery, GEB reader 'bubollofo' pointed out that there was a blurred square of imagery over Olso, … [Read more...]

Average Cloud Cover Map and Map Projections


We recently came across this article about a recently released map of average cloud cover for the last 13 years produced by NASA. The map is provided in the form of an image and a high resolution … [Read more...]

Post-earthquake Imagery of Nepal in Google Earth

Red Trees Nepal

[Update: Thank you to GEB reader AC for pointing out that the Kathmandu imagery is actually May 3rd imagery (I read the dates wrong) and does show earthquake damage.] We have been keeping an eye on … [Read more...]

Google Earth Community to the Rescue


We recently came across this interesting thread on the new Google Earth Community. Apparently a woman was driving through a park in Lithuania with her sister. They got stuck in the mud and didn't … [Read more...]

New Google Earth Imagery – April 2015

Imagery Updates April 2015_small

Google has updated its monthly Imagery Updates map to show April 2015. You can view it in Google Earth using this KML file. As usual, there is no way to keep a permanent record other than a screen … [Read more...]

Surface deformation from the Nepal Quake


We recently came across this article about a map from NASA that shows the deformation caused by the recent earthquake that struck Nepal. The above map can be downloaded and viewed in Google Earth … [Read more...]