Why there are stripes in the snow on Greenland

Recently, GEB reader Dan Jacobson, who lives in Taiwan, pointed out some large stripes in the snow on Greenland as seen below: Stripes in the snow near the northern coast of Greenland. Zoom out a … [Read more...]

Controlling maps in the days of satellite imaging

We recently came across this story. Apparently India is considering enacting laws which would require companies providing mapping data to get a licence and approval before disseminating maps of any … [Read more...]

Sentinel vs Landsat imagery

Yesterday we had a look at Snapsat, a useful website for obtaining Landsat imagery. The location we chose was Dallas, Texas and a track made by a tornado in December last year. We thought it would be … [Read more...]

Snapsat Beta for Landsat imagery

We have previously had a look at how to get Landsat imagery into Google Earth. We have used a number of different techniques over time, but in all cases, obtaining high quality Landsat imagery … [Read more...]

What’s that image: Earthquake and floods

Yesterday we mentioned that Google had pushed out an imagery update towards the end of April. Today we are having a look at some of the sights we have found so far. On April 16th, 2016, Ecuador … [Read more...]

A year of imagery updates in Google Earth

As we mentioned last week, Google did at least four imagery updates in the month of April. It takes long time to do imagery update maps and since imagery updates include imagery over a number of … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for April 2016

Google has pushed out new imagery at least four times this month. 1, 2, 3, and a very recent update that we haven't covered yet! We found quite a lot of interesting sights in Google Earth imagery … [Read more...]

The Sentinel Missions

The satellite Sentinel-1B was launched earlier this week. It is the second satellite of the Sentinel-1 mission, the first of which, Sentinel-1A, has been in orbit since April 2014. Together they … [Read more...]

Scour marks in the Caspian Sea

We recently came across this story about scour marks on the floor of the Caspian Sea. It is believed the scour marks are caused by ice that forms in the winter months and is then broken up and blown … [Read more...]

Google Earth preferred seasons for gathering imagery

Whenever we look at imagery update maps we notice certain patterns in the updates. One of the factors that causes these patterns is seasonality. We have long known that Google avoids snow cover in … [Read more...]