US National Parks in 3D for centenary

In our August month-end post we mentioned that Monument Valley, Arizona / Utah was now in 3D in Google Earth. Several other US parks also received 3D imagery at the same time. What we didn't realise … [Read more...]

Italy’s earthquake

As of this writing, Google has not updated 'historical imagery' for almost three months. Up until mid-June they had been updating it almost weekly. As a result, there have been a lot of events over … [Read more...]

Were US spy satellites from the 70’s better resolution than Google Earth?

We recently came across this story in which a former engineer on the US spy satellites known as Keyhole-9, claims that the imagery they got from those satellites were 'better than Google Earth'. We … [Read more...]

Higher resolution contours with Mapzen altitude tiles

We recently did several posts about drawing contours using altitude data from different Altitude API services. The first version used the Google Maps Elevation API and the second used Mapzen's … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for August 2016

Google has not updated 'historical imagery' for nearly two months, so we have not been able to monitor imagery updates. Just yesterday, a number of new 3D areas were discovered and reported in the … [Read more...]

‘Stabilizing’ our Landsat imagery animations

We have recently been doing a series of posts about Sentinel and Landsat imagery on Amazon Web Services (AWS), including releasing a KML file that automatically retrieves thumbnails of Landsat 8 … [Read more...]

India–Bangladesh enclaves

We recently came across this humorous take on the complicated border between India and Bangladesh. The video mentions that India and Bangladesh had agreed to swap enclaves in 2015 in an effort to … [Read more...]

Animating Sentinel-2 imagery in Google Earth

We have recently been doing a series of posts about Sentinel and Landsat imagery on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We created tools to let you quickly preview the latest Sentinel and Landsat imagery in … [Read more...]

Improving our contour algorithm

Last week we featured a tool for drawing contours which uses the Mapzen altitude API. We used a very simple algorithm called 'Marching Squares' that we found on Wikipedia. However, as GEB reader Боби … [Read more...]

Animating Landsat imagery in Google Earth

[ Update: We have updated the KML file with more stable animations and the ability to zoom in and out and pan. See this post for more details. ]Last week we created a KML file to easily preview the … [Read more...]