USGS Earthquake Monitoring Updated

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Earthquakes are happening around the world all the time, we just can't feel all of them. The US Geological Survey (USGS) is constantly monitoring the Earth with sensitive instruments and for some … [Read more...]

Rowing Machine Tied to Google Earth

Why not hook up your rowing machine and practice rowing your favorite river from the comfort of your exercise room? That's what these guys did. They wrote an application to interface between a … [Read more...] – Photos of UK in Google Earth

Click for bigger image is a web site with a simple goal. "Collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of the UK and Eire." The two photos at the right show … [Read more...]

Enhanced Matterhorn in Google Earth

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In response to a wish from Stefan Geens at OgleEarth, Chris Hanson at has created an enhanced terrain and texture for the Matterhorn. The built-in terrain data for Google Earth is too … [Read more...]

News Roundup – GeoRSS, Discovery, Workshop, City Life

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Geo Blog GeoRSS in Google Earth - this link will let you see the locations of stories from a number of Geo-related blogs based on automated processing of locations from their RSS feeds. In other … [Read more...]

GeoWeb 2006 Report

Stefan Lorimer writes at his blog about his experiences so far this week at GeoWeb 2006 (a conference being held at Vancouver, British Columbia which covers the convergence of web technologies, XML, … [Read more...]

Google Earth Research Notes

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Here's your chance to re-live my last couple of hours of GE research. I thought I would share some of the things that interested me as I explored Google Earth information this morning. Here are the … [Read more...]