Animating Landsat imagery in Google Earth

[ Update: We have updated the KML file with more stable animations and the ability to zoom in and out and pan. See this post for more details. ]Last week we created a KML file to easily preview the … [Read more...]

Landsat imagery coverage

Last week we looked at Sentinel imagery coverage and today we are doing the same for Landsat imagery.First, note that we are discussing Landsat 8 imagery only, as Landsat 7 imagery is not currently … [Read more...]

How to quickly preview the latest Landsat imagery

Earlier this week we created a KML file to allow you to preview the latest Sentinel imagery. We used the fact that Sentinel imagery is available via Amazon Web Services (AWS). Given that Landsat 8 … [Read more...]

More fun with contours

Last week we had a look at drawing contour lines using the Google Maps Elevation API. Because of restrictions on what you are allowed to do with Google's elevation data, we chose not to create KML … [Read more...]

Louisiana flooding as seen in Sentinel imagery

As we mentioned in Monday's post, southern Louisiana is experiencing major flooding. One of the worst affected areas is to the east of Baton Rouge, where the Amite River has burst its banks, flooding … [Read more...]

Sentinel imagery coverage

Yesterday we created a KML file that allows you to preview the latest sentinel imagery using a KML file of all the sentinel tiles. We noticed that some tiles do not have any images available, so we … [Read more...]

How to quickly preview the latest Sentinel imagery

[ Update: There were a few bugs in the first version of the KML most notably it reported no imagery for tiles starting with '0'. If you intend to use it, please re-download. We have also slightly … [Read more...]

Drawing contours with altitude data

Thank you to GEB reader 'DJ' for suggesting this idea in the comments of our post on simulating lakes. It turns out that the algorithm for drawing contours given a regular array of altitude data is … [Read more...]

Rio 3D imagery and Google Earth’s elevation data

We mentioned in our post on simulating lakes that Google Earth's elevation data is often very inaccurate in mountainous areas. When looking around the 3D imagery of Rio de Janeiro, where the Olympics … [Read more...]

Simulating lakes with Google Earth

In yesterday's post we had a KML which includes a polygon showing the approximate extent of a historical lake in Google Earth. We thought it would be worth discussing how to do this and some of the … [Read more...]