Getting HIRISE imagery into Google Mars

We came across this interesting article which suggests that Mars may have not only had large seas, but that it may have experienced gigantic Tsunamis, the results of which can be seen to this day. If … [Read more...]

False colour imagery

Google has recently done a minor imagery update. The only May image is a DigitalGlobe image of the Fort McMurray wildfire, although it does not include Fort McMurray itself. When we looked at the Fort … [Read more...]

Shia LaBeouf tweets cryptic message with GPS coordinates

American actor Shia LeBeouf has been tweeting a GPS coordinate daily since May 9th without any explanation. The coordinates are all near Denver Colorado. As pointed out in this article, the geographic … [Read more...]

An aerial imagery oddity

We recently had a query from a GEB reader about the imagery near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and we noticed an oddity that we thought worth sharing. The same aerial imagery has been obtained from three … [Read more...]

The Fort McMurray Wildfire

On May 1, 2016, a wildfire started near Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. On May 3, According to Wikipedia, it swept through the community, destroying more than 2,900 homes and buildings and forcing the … [Read more...]

Seeing worm poo from space

We recently came across this interesting article about a South American phenomenon of mounds known as surales. Apparently scientists have demonstrated that they consist largely of earthworm excrement … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Update – Cyclone Fantala

As we mentioned in yesterday's post, Google has recently pushed out yet another imagery update. April imagery - Green: as of April 17th, Blue: as of April 21st, Red: As of May 10th March imagery - … [Read more...]

The Kumamoto earthquakes

Google has been pushing out imagery updates almost weekly recently. The latest update includes imagery from Kumamoto, Japan, which suffered a series of large earthquakes in April, 2016. Google has … [Read more...]

Street View comes to Kyrgyzstan

Thank you to GEB reader 'ecksemmess' for letting us know that Kyrgyzstan has just received Street View. Kyrgyzstan Street View coverage. The last major Street View addition was Sri Lanka in late … [Read more...]

Why there are stripes in the snow on Greenland

Recently, GEB reader Dan Jacobson, who lives in Taiwan, pointed out some large stripes in the snow on Greenland as seen below: Stripes in the snow near the northern coast of Greenland. Zoom out a … [Read more...]