Panoramio Reaches 1 Million Photos

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The popular photo mapping and storage site Panoramio has very quickly reached 1 million photos in their database. Mostly thanks to being included as a default layer in Google Earth under the … [Read more...]

News Roundup: New Icons, Michael Jones on Search, Google Acquisition, Competition

New Icons - GEB reader Frederic pointed out to me that as part of the recent layer update, Google has new icon designs for many of the layers. They are subtle changes in shapes and colors, but if … [Read more...]

Google Should Buy This – Real Estate Shopping With Google Earth

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Ed Kohler, Technology Evangelist, has just posted his recommendation (using Google Earth to illustrate) that Google should buy Ford's Twin Cities Assembly plant in St. Paul, Minnesota (see here in … [Read more...]

News Roundup: Superoverlay, GE Chess, Geosite, ArcGIS Explorer

Superoverlay - Valery Hrosunov has released Superoverlay Pro ($95) which includes scheduling of tasks to process Superoverlays. "Superoverlay is a stand-alone Google Earth application for tiling … [Read more...]

News Roundup – Google Integration, Panoramas Coming, Norway Search

Google Integration - Many of us who are regular bloggers of Google applications have been clamoring for more integration between their applications. For example, I believe Google Calendars, Search, … [Read more...]

Quick News Roundup: German GE Xmas Game, Wikipedia layer, AGU Day 2 Quick Summary

Have only a few minutes today to write - I will probably end up catching up on details about the AGU conference this weekend. Here's some quick news: German GE Christmas Game - Thomas Overbeck of … [Read more...]

3D Roundup: Buildings, Animations

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Making 3D Buildings - Sebastian Strzalkowski pointed me to his blog entry about his experiments with making quality 3D buildings with textures. He explores the concept I had mentioned of using … [Read more...]

News Roundup: Google Maps Image Overlays, San Jose GIS, Where 2.0 CFP

Google Maps Supports More KML - Google announced yesterday at the Google Maps API that they are now supporting more KML features in Google Maps. In particular, they now support image overlays. This … [Read more...]

Mini News Roundup – Tagzania, Teacher Aid

Tagzania Update - Tagzania is an excellent Google Maps mashup which lets you mark places, tag them, and easily share the locations with anyone. You can even easily embed your own Google Maps in your … [Read more...]

Google Earth 4th Dimension Redux

After the release this weekend of some new featured layers, many folks in the news media and the blogosphere have been raving about Google Earth's "new" capability to do the 4th dimension: time. The … [Read more...]