Latest Pluto map in Google Earth


Earlier this month, we had a look at a map of Pluto that NASA produced and made available in KML format for viewing Google Earth. That was before the New Horizons spacecraft had reached Pluto and the … [Read more...]

Google Earth Blog FAQ

Ikh Shuteen Tsogtsolbor

Quite a lot of the emails we get at GEB blog repeat the same questions or requests, so we thought it would be a good idea to create a short FAQ for GEB covering the most common questions and requests. … [Read more...]

Getting Landsat 8 imagery into Google Earth


When Landsat 8 imagery was made available on Amazon AWS our first question was: 'how easy will it be to view it in Google Earth?'. This is our experience trying to answer that question. The Landsat 8 … [Read more...]

Google Earth’s ‘background’ imagery


As we have discussed before Google Earth shows different imagery depending on the zoom level and whether or not you are in 'historical imagery' mode. We have also talked about how the ocean bathymetry … [Read more...]

The complex borders of Baarle-Nassau and Baarle-Hertog


We recently watched this interesting YouTube video about the complicated borders between Belgium and the Netherlands. Baarle-Hertog is a municipality of Belgium which consists of 24 separate exlaves … [Read more...]

3D cities layer: another look


Last month in celebration of the ten year anniversary of Google Earth, Google added some new layers under the heading 'Voyager'. We already had a look at the new '3D cities' layer last week. However, … [Read more...]

Problems with water in Google Earth 3D


As Google continues rolling out 3D imagery one outstanding problem that they don't seem to have been able to resolve is what to do about water. The cause of the problem is quite simple - water usually … [Read more...]

Time-lapse videos from Himawari-8


Google Maps Mania recently had an interesting post about time-lapse videos of Earth from space captured by a Japanese weather satellite named Himawari-8. Check them out on the Himawari-8 website here. … [Read more...]

Satellite imagery updates layer: another look


A couple of weeks ago we had a look at Google Earth's new 'Satellite imagery updates' layer. One notable feature of the new layers is that they can be put into your 'My Places' and then exported to … [Read more...]

Pluto in Google Earth


NASA's New Horizons mission is approaching Pluto with its closest approach expected this coming Tuesday, July 14th. For the exact time, see the countdown clock on NASA's New Horizons mission … [Read more...]