3000 posts later, Google Earth Blog moves to WordPress


It's been a long time coming, but Google Earth Blog has finally made the jump from Movable Type over to WordPress!  With over 3,000 posts (this one is #3005) and more than 17,000 comments, it was … [Read more...]

Historical Imagery in Google Earth 5

I get a few emails every day regarding Google Earth's "historical imagery" feature, so now seems like a good time to revisit the topic. Frank first wrote about this new feature back in early 2009 … [Read more...]

3D sounds with the Google Earth Plug-in

Paul over at PlanetInAction is at it again. The man that brought us Ships and Helicopters has a new toy for us to play with. This is more of tech demo than a game, but it's quite impressive. He's … [Read more...]

More Embedding of 3D Warehouse Model Views

Google has enabled another feature in 3D Warehouse to make it easy to share a specific 3D model. You can now embed your choice of either just an image, 3D view, or a Google Earth browser plugin view … [Read more...]

Creating Large Panoramas for Google Earth

Google has a number of recommended articles for creating KML content. They've just linked to an article by panorama specialists 360cities.net which provides great details on making panoramas for … [Read more...]

Administrative Note for Google Earth Blog

On late Thursday (February 26) Google Earth Blog migrated successfully to a new server. Traffic seemed to shift normally within 1 hour. However, I've had reports of people not going to the right … [Read more...]

AGU Conference Starting Today

Google has posted a reminder that the AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting starts today in San Francisco. And in just 10 minutes from now, Google's Michael Jones is doing the Frontiers of … [Read more...]

Links: Google Satellite, Hurricane data, Real-time Satellites, GEC Layers?

Google  Earth required.

Google Satellite - Google has made an exclusive arrangement with GeoEye that Google will be the exclusive online mapping firm for imagery from their new satellite - which is scheduled to launch this … [Read more...]

Links: KML in North, WWT Reviews, South Africa Tourism, Florida Boat Rampsa

Google  Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

KML in the North - John Bailey informed me he has this new web page sharing video of the talks in the sessions held in Fairbanks, Alaska including a talk by Google's KML product manager Michael … [Read more...]

News Roundup: Bible Geocoding, Avian Flu Update, Highway Crashes, SF Chronicle

GE File.  You must have Google Earth installed.

Bible Geocoding - The Openbible.info web site has added a Google Earth collection of placemarks with the goal of marking every identifiable place mentioned in the Bible. They also offer the same … [Read more...]