New South Wales Globe

We have introduced you to NSW Globe in the past, but it is well worth a revisit. New South Wales is an Australian state. Its local government has made available, via a Google Earth KML file found on … [Read more...]

Moldova stands out in Google Earth

As we have discussed before, Google Earth shows different imagery at different zoom levels. When in the default view, the global image used is created from Landsat imagery. The landsat imagery, … [Read more...]

Street View comes to the Philippines

Only a day after Google added Street View to some Kenyan parks they have also added Street View for the Philippines. Read more about it on Google's Lat Long blog. As can be seen below, there have … [Read more...]

Street View in Kenyan parks

Google has released Street View for Samburu National Reserve and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. Read more about it on Google's Lat Long Blog. Be sure to watch the YouTube video as it shows the … [Read more...]

Fresnel Zones in Google Earth

A Fresnel Zone is a region of space between a wireless transmitter and receiver within which obstructions may cause interference to the signal. A couple of years ago we showed you a site called … [Read more...]

Google Earth Community collections: craters

In April this year, Google retired the old Google Earth Community (GEC) forums that were hosted by Google. The GEC did not die but instead migrated to a new platform, where it continues to be an … [Read more...]

More KMLs from MyReadingMapped

A few weeks ago we shared some KMLs from MyReadingMapped. George, the creator of the KMLs, has found a few more KMLs that were not included in that collection and kindly shared them with us. You can … [Read more...]

Google Earth imagery suppliers

Yesterday we had a look at a way to find recent imagery in Google Earth. We thought it would be interesting to do a survey of the imagery we found and see where Google gets its imagery from. To find … [Read more...]

Finding imagery updates with the Google Earth plugin

The last time Google released an imagery update map was as part of the new 'Voyager' layer introduced at the end of June. An anonymous reader let us know about a number of recent updates in Europe, … [Read more...]

Google Earth search vs Google Earth placemarks and street data

As we have mentioned in the past new additions to Google Maps are almost immediately available in Google Earth search. However, the information shown in Google Earth placemarks and street maps is not … [Read more...]