Floods around the world as seen in Google Earth

Flooding is a remarkably common phenomenon around the globe. Satellite imaging companies often try to capture imagery of the floods as such imagery is useful for governments and emergency services. … [Read more...]

Wikipedia data for US Tornadoes in Google Earth

Wikipedia has lists of notable tornadoes and tornado outbreaks worldwide for each year. For example, here is the list for 2016. There are also more detailed lists, such as this one for US Tornadoes … [Read more...]

Landsat and Sentinel-2 data now on Google Cloud

Google has just announced the release of Landsat and Sentinel-2 data on the Google Cloud. Landsat and Sentinel-2 data are public datasets of satellite imagery from earth observation satellites. The … [Read more...]

Antipode Earth – turning Google Earth inside out

We were recently thinking about antipodes (pairs of points on opposite sides of the earth). We have previously seen side by side maps that sync so that you can find what is on the other side of any … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for September 2016

Although Google has been adding new imagery to Google Earth, they have not been updating historical imagery since June, so we cannot make a map of the latest imagery. We did, however, look at a few … [Read more...]

3D volcanoes and 3D data corruption

Google recently released 3D imagery for Mount Fuji in Japan. However, we discovered that there are a number of squares of the imagery that appear only in low resolution. We have come across this … [Read more...]

Ring-shaped geoglyphs in Peru

A recent story in the news is about some ring-shaped geoglyphs in Peru. It took a while to find the correct location in Google Earth, as the given location 'Quilcapampa, in the Sihuas Valley' was not … [Read more...]

Post-earthquake Kumamoto in Google Earth 3D

In April this year, the city of Kumamoto, Japan, suffered a series of large earthquakes. Google managed to capture aerial imagery of the city essentially during the event, after the first major event … [Read more...]

Taiwan wants Google to censor satellite imagery

A recent story in the news says that Taiwan's Defense Ministry has asked Google to blur imagery of some military structures on Itu Aba Island (also known as Taiping Island) in the South China … [Read more...]

Damage by the Erskine Fire, California as seen in Google Earth

The Erskine Fire was a wildfire near Lake Isabella, California. It was only one of many wild-fires that occur in the California region every year (there are an average of around 8,000 fires per year). … [Read more...]