The 2004 tsunami: then and now

Banda Aceh

We have in the past looked at 'before and after' pictures of devastating natural disasters such as earth quakes, tornados and tsunamis. The Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 occurred before GEB started, … [Read more...]

Google Maps Engine deprecated


Last week Google sent an email to users of Google Maps Engine notifying them that support for the Google Maps Engine product will end on January 29th, 2016 at which point the product will be … [Read more...]

3D Imagery timeline


Earlier this week we had a look at how long it takes Google to process and release 3D imagery. For a few locations, we looked at the dates the imagery was captured as well as the dates that it was … [Read more...]

Processing 3D imagery

Westminster Abbey

Since September last year we have been keeping track of 3D imagery released by Google, with the help of our readers who spot the imagery and then let us know in the comments of this post. A big thank … [Read more...]

Skybox captures Tower of London poppies from space

Tower of London

In June last year Google acquired Skybox Imaging. So far they have launched two imaging satellites, but plan to launch many more. We have had a look at some of their early images, such as the … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for December 2014


December saw imagery updates on December 9th and December 17th, and we are told by GEB reader 'MapMaker' that there have been some updates since then. One of our biggest stories of December was the … [Read more...]

Google Earth wish list for 2015

3D imagery map

Here is our wish list for Google Earth this year: An update to the desktop version of Google Earth. We haven't seen an update to Google Earth for more than a year. There are a number of well known … [Read more...]

Google Earth 3D imagery progress


Yesterday we looked at Google's progress in imagery updates. Today we will look at the progress Google has been making in rolling out 3D areas in Google Earth. Back in September we worked out the area … [Read more...]

Santa Trackers now live


On December 3rd we told you about the two Santa trackers that are available this year, and pointed out that there was a 3 hour difference between the two count downs. NORAD's count down expired first, … [Read more...]

Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia


Researchers from across Australia have joined together to develop detailed digital maps of the country‚Äôs soil and landscape attributes. They have put the data online and made it available for free. … [Read more...]