Bomb damage from the war in Yemen

There is an ongoing war in Yemen that started early last year. We have in the past had a look at the bomb damage at Sana’a airport in May 2015, and had another look in January this year. Today we are … [Read more...]

What does it take to process 3D imagery?

Google has recently been pushing out 3D imagery of various Brazilian cities in preparation for the Olympics. The interesting part, however, is that the imagery isn't new. The imagery of Rio de … [Read more...]

The rock near Deception Island that looks like a Kraken

A story about a Kraken (a legendary sea monster) being spotted in Google Earth imagery recently went viral. It turns out, however, that it is actually just a rock. The rock in question is named Sail … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Update: The Dallas, Texas Tornados

Google has recently pushed out another imagery update. Below we show approximate maps of where the new imagery from April, May and June can be found. There is almost certainly older imagery too, but … [Read more...]

Satellite image archaeology

We did a post on Dr. Sarah Parcak back in 2011. She is an archaeologist who frequently makes use of satellite imagery (including Google Earth) to make archaeological discoveries. She has written a … [Read more...]

Sun-synchronous orbit

In yesterday's post we suggested that the reason for the near polar orbit of most imaging satellites was to improve coverage. After a bit more research it turns out to be more interesting than that. … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Update: Strange image in the Sahara

Google has recently pushed out another imagery update. We created maps for March, April and May imagery, but did not find any significant changes in the March and April maps since the last update a … [Read more...]

Spectral Transformer for Sentinel-2 Imagery

We have previously had a look at a tool by GeoSage for processing Landsat Data. At the time it was free for non-commercial use, but is no longer. It remains, however, the best tool we have come across … [Read more...]

Fiery Cross Reef

We recently mentioned that we had noted that the disputed islands in the South China sea had not received any satellite imagery updates for over a year. It is an area of particular interest as China … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery Update: Russian submarines

Google has done another imagery update. We have mapped out the approximate locations of imagery for March, April and May, 2016 and show the additions since the last update, which was just a week … [Read more...]