Controlling Google Earth via the Liquid Galaxy protocol

Given that the Google Earth API is coming to an end we are looking at alternative solutions. Yesterday we had a look at Google Earth's internal browser and what its capabilities are. Today we are … [Read more...]

Google Earth’s internal browser

With the demise of the Google Earth API fast approaching we are looking at what alternatives are available. For some use cases, one possibility is to try and implement what you want to do within … [Read more...]

Creating Thanksgiving cards with Google Earth

Back in 2006 Frank created a Thanksgiving card for Google Earth. Today we are looking at how to go about creating your own Thanksgiving greetings cards with Google Earth. Firstly, you need an image … [Read more...]

Wild Dogs and the Google Earth API

We recently came across this interesting article about how researchers have created a land cover map of East Africa, differentiating the areas with human land cover vs areas that remain natural. The … [Read more...]

Importing geotagged photos into Google Earth

A GEB reader recently asked us how to import geotagged photos into Google Earth. We are not looking at geotagging/geolocating which is the process of attaching a latitude and longitude to a photo. We … [Read more...]

Planet Labs progress

In March this year we had a look at Planet Labs, a satellite imaging company whose goal is to use large numbers of small, cheap satellites to image the entire globe as frequently as possible. In this … [Read more...]

The Paris attacks in Google Earth

As has most of the world, we have recently been following the news about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and our hearts go out the the families and friends of the victims. As Google Earth … [Read more...]

Maintaining our map of 3D areas

Yesterday we had a look at the progress made by Google in releasing 3D imagery for Google Earth. For this we used this KML map that we maintain that shows the areas covered by 3D imagery. This has … [Read more...]

Google Earth 3D Imagery progress report

[Update: It turns out the September figures are wrong (thank you Frank) due to errors in the KML not being handled well by the Area calculator we used. Here is the updated chart. ] It has been a … [Read more...]

Moldova Landsat imagery restored

In September we noted that Moldova had some unusual imagery provided by Cnes/SPOT Image when viewed from high altitudes. GEB reader S.H. let us know in the comments that the imagery was introduced on … [Read more...]