The Tour de France 2015 in Google Earth


In past years (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011), we have referred you to for maps of the Tour de France. However, it doesn't seem to have the 2015 Tour. The official site has a very basic … [Read more...]

New Google Earth layers: Street View highlights


On Monday, in honour of Google Earth's 10 year anniversary, Google added a new collection of layers known as Voyager. We have already looked at the 'Satellite imagery updates' layer and the 'Earth … [Read more...]

New Google Earth layers: Earth View landscapes


A couple of days ago Google introduced some new layers to Google Earth in honour of Google Earth's 10th anniversary. Yesterday we looked at the 'Satellite imagery updates' layer. Today we are looking … [Read more...]

New Google Earth layers: Satellite imagery updates


On Monday, Google introduced some new layers to Google Earth under the title 'Voyager'. They all contain information that was previously available, but not as easily accessible as in the new … [Read more...]

10 years of Google Earth innovation


In 2004 Google bought startup Keyhole Inc. whose main product was a virtual globe known as Keyhole Earthviewer. On June 28th, 2005, ten years ago yesterday, Google released the renamed Google Earth … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery – May 27th, 2015

Imagery Updates May 27th 2015

Google have updated their 'Latest Google Earth Imagery Updates' map to show an update on May 27th, 2015. They previously had an updates map for June 8th, which we already looked at, so it appears … [Read more...]

BlackSky Global

BlackSky Pathfinder Spacecraft - Final Integration_small

Last week we had a look at UrtheCast, a satellite imaging company that has just released their first videos captured from the International Space Station. Today we are looking at another satellite … [Read more...]

UrtheCast Releases HD Videos of Earth from Space


UrtheCast is a company that captures satellite imagery from cameras mounted on the International Space Station (ISS). We mentioned them back in March 2012 when they first announced that they would be … [Read more...]

Google Earth weather information out of date


As a number of GEB readers have noted, some of Google Earth's weather layers have not been working correctly and as of this writing the data is out of date. The 'Conditions and Forecasts' layer has … [Read more...]

Google Sun

Google Sun

Last month we had a look at the planet Mercury using Google Earth, and last year we did the same for various other planets using maps from the SETI Institute. The latter maps are sadly no longer … [Read more...]