Genealogy through Google Earth


Eric Stitt has been using Google Earth to track genealogy for a long time, and has just started up a new blog that focuses exclusively on that -- Genealogy Through Google Earth.  His ideas are pretty … [Read more...]

Exploring ancient Syrian trade routes in Google Earth


The University of Cincinnati's Kristina Neumann has been using Google Earth to explore the boundaries of ancient Antioch during the beginning of Roman takeover.  She's created the maps herself, using … [Read more...]

The Google Earth Climate Change, Pollution and Privacy Viewer


Google Earth is an amazing tool for studying and sharing information about our planet's climate.  Frank first shared a climate-related story back in 2006 (UNEP's New Environment Layer in Google Earth) … [Read more...]

Finding long barrows in Google Earth


We've shown you some work from Henry Rothwell's Digital Digging site before (such as the Hillforts we showed you back in April), and felt it was time to head back out there to see what's new.  Along … [Read more...]

An island on the world’s largest lake on an island in a lake on an island


Did the title confuse you enough?  If you explore our planet long enough, you'll find some very neat things, such as the tiny island of Vulcan Point, seen here (inside the lake on the island in the … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth to display knowledge


Over the years, the vast majority of the files we've showcased for Google Earth have been focused on adding more detail about our planet. We've seen a few others, such as Matt Fox's overlay of the … [Read more...]

Lava flow shapes in Google Earth


Because of the way Google Earth work, volcanoes are almost always amazing to view inside of it.  3D terrain combined with high-resolution imagery makes for some stunning views, as we explained a while … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth to catch overfishing in the Persian Gulf


We've shown you quite a few examples of Google Earth being used to help prevent crime (including a post last week), but now there's another great story out of Vancouver.  Scientists at the University … [Read more...]

Geography Awareness Week 2013

wallpaper C

Each year during the third week of November, National Geographic and other organizations help celebrate Geography Awareness Week to help raise awareness of the importance of geography education.  The … [Read more...]

Finding the “faces” hidden in Google Earth


Over the years people have discovered landforms that somewhat resembled faces in Google Earth.  Frank showed us a great example back in 2007, and Google Earth Hacks has dozens of them in their … [Read more...]