Stunning virtual cruise tours

The folks over at have just released a stunning bit of work for Clean Cruising tasked them with finding an innovative way to show the itineraries for thousands … [Read more...]

Tahina Expedition Departing Soon

In a matter of hours - as early as tomorrow evening - my wife and I will be departing on a five year sailing circumnavigation called the Tahina Expedition. I've mentioned the trip on Google Earth Blog … [Read more...]

MS Oasis of the Seas heading for Florida

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The largest cruise ship in the world, the MS Oasis of the Seas, is on a journey from Finland to Fort Lauderdale, FL. She's expected to arrive in Florida this week, with her maiden voyage from Miami … [Read more...]

Caribbean 1500 Rally using Google Earth once again

As they have in years past, the Caribbean 1500 Sailing Rally is doing some cool stuff with Google Earth to help showcase their event, which begins today around noon EST. They're using … [Read more...]

Fresh Update to the Ocean Expeditions layer

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Google has just updated the Ocean Expeditions layer in Google Earth, and they've added some great content about expeditions around the world. To access this layer, simply check the Ocean Expeditions … [Read more...]

Preparing for the Big Trip

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Those of you who are regular readers of GEB are probably familiar that last year I announced a plan to depart on a 5-year sailing circumnavigation. I've spun the Google Earth globe many times, but … [Read more...]

Kaisei Project – Researching the Plastic Vortex

Cross-posted from the Tahina Expedition: My wife and I are leaving in October to begin a five year sailing circumnavigation we are calling the Tahina Expedition. Our trip is not just about visiting … [Read more...]

Watch the LongPac Yacht Race

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On Wednesday, the Singlehanded Sailing Society started a single and double-handed sailing race dubbed the "LongPac" - its a race of 400 miles from San Francisco Bay to anywhere on Longitude 126° 40"W … [Read more...]

New Google Earth Imagery – July 2009 – Good and Bad Part 2

Google has made yet another weekend update to the Google Earth imagery. I'm expecting a lot of GEB readers will start reporting new imagery they find during the weekend. Please leave a comment … [Read more...]

World Oceans Day, 3D Design Competition, Britain Archeological Site, New Imagery Tour Idea

World Oceans Day - This is a good thing - the UN has declared today World Oceans Day. I like the idea of "Wear Blue Tell Two" - wear something blue and tell two people something about the oceans they … [Read more...]