Links: SR22 Cockpit, Jane Austen, Magnetic Pole, Taiwan GE Bonanza, Tutorial, VE3D on Mac

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SR22 Cockpit - Not satisfied with just doing a cockpit add-on for the F16, Gerardo has also done a cockpit add-on for the SR22 for Google Earth's built-in flight simulator. It's a screen overlay … [Read more...]

Iditarod 2008 Dog Sled Race Live in Google Earth

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EarthSLOT, whose mission is "to advance earth science and earth science education through the use of on-line 3D terrain visualization and GIS tools", has once again published a Google Earth file … [Read more...]

Super UK Photo Project geograph Turns Three

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geograph is an amazing project which set out to collect photos of every square kilometer of the UK on a web site and map the locations and photos. Anyone can contribute to the project, and people … [Read more...]

Live Orbit Tracker in Google Earth

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Robert Simpson is studying for his doctorate in Astronomy at Cardiff University in the UK. He has a blog called Orbiting Frog, and recently posted a tool that lets you view current positions of … [Read more...]

UK Earthquake – View Data in Google Earth

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There are two ways I usually find out about an earthquake: 1) in news reports on the Internet, and 2) in Google Earth. Either way, I always find the quick look at the USGS real-time earthquake … [Read more...]

Links: Star Viewer, Green Screen, World Hockey, European Pollution, Golden Shadow

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Star Viewer - Last week Mike at GoogleMapsMania pointed to me to a cool Sky/Google Maps mashup called Star Viewer. It has a nice tour with YouTube videos mixed in the placemarks. What I didn't … [Read more...]

New Layer Goodness for Google Earth – January 2008

Today Google Earth got some substantial new layer updates. A quick summary of the updates are (read further for more details on where to find these): New roads layers for 26 countries! 2 million … [Read more...]

Links: KML Wrap-up, New Orrery, Zip Scribble, South China Sea

Google  Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

KML Wrap-up - Google writes up a nice summary of the progress made in the development of KML (the file format used by Google Earth. I particularly liked the links to a variety of useful KML … [Read more...]

Top 10 New Google Earth Features 2007

A ton of new features were added to Google Earth in 2007. The official release of Google Earth version 4 was made on January 10th. But, since that product was available in beta during the last half … [Read more...]

Top 25 Stories of Google Earth 2007

The following are my favorite stories about Google Earth in 2007. In retrospect, Google Earth had a fantastic year both in terms of new features and data added, but also in the wide acceptance and … [Read more...]