Astronomers Use Google Sky to Raise Research Funds

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This is a cool way to raise money for your research projects. Borrowing on the old idea of selling stars to make money, the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium (KASC), which is a large … [Read more...]

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Santa Tracker Popular - The Google/NORAD Santa Tracker was yet again a huge hit. On Christmas Eve, GEB had about 50 thousand visitors searching for Santa and overall about 4X the normal amount of … [Read more...]

Upgrade to EveryTrail GPS Trails Layer in Google Earth

Yesterday Google published an upgrade to the EveryTrail layer in Google Earth found under the Gallery layer folder. EveryTrail allows you to upload both GPS tracks and geotagged photos to its free … [Read more...]

Top 10 Games With Google Earth

Google Earth is more than just a 3D map of the Earth. Between the cool data and the sophisticated interfaces to connect back end servers with Google Earth, it's only natural games have been … [Read more...]

Update on Using GPS for Tracking in Google Earth

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Many people have found ways to tie their GPS with Google Earth to show their position in real-time. In fact, Google released built-in features for real-time GPS to the premium Plus/Pro/Enterprise … [Read more...]

Google News Layer for Google Earth Next Week

I will be writing some more summaries from Where 2.0 2008 tomorrow. But, I just wanted to share one bit of Google Earth news from today's sessions. Lior Ron, Product Manager of Google Maps, made … [Read more...]

Where 2.0 – Day 1

Left my house near Raleigh, NC at 4 AM to fly out to California. I was a bit weary after nearly 11 hours of travel when I arrived at the Where 2.0 registration desk. But, I did manage to show up … [Read more...]

NASA Time Animation of Ionosphere For Google Earth

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Last week, NASA announced the release of an amazing dynamic Google Earth resource which shows time animated condition of the Earth's Ionosphere. The ionosphere is used to bounce radio signals over … [Read more...]

Space Debris Viewed in Google Earth

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In January 2007, the Chinese military decided to demonstrate their technological prowess by shooting down one of their own satellites in orbit. The action was condemned by governments around the … [Read more...]

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Stonehenge GE Lesson - Noel Jenkins has released another well-prepared school lesson which involves Google Earth - this one is about Stonehenge. via Noel's JuicyGeography blog. GETools - Brian Flood … [Read more...]