My Tracks 2.0, now with mobile Google Earth support

"My Tracks" is an Android application that doesn't tend to get a lot of press. The initial version is more than three years old, and there are a bunch of other apps that do roughly the same thing. … [Read more...]

Google Earth A to Z: GPS and the Google Earth Gallery

GPS Because of the open nature of Google Earth and the KML format, it's easy to import GPS data in a variety of unique ways. You can use it to hunt for great places to go geocaching, or share runs … [Read more...]

Geocaching with Google Earth

We took our daughters (ages 5 and 8) on their first geocaching adventure this weekend and it was great! We used the very popular website, which had quite a few Google Earth tools to … [Read more...]

Many improvements to Breadcrumbs

We first told you about Breadcrumbs in late 2010. They're a GPS track management site that offers a lot of great features through a nice interface. They've just gone through a major redesign and are … [Read more...]

View your Google Latitude history in Google Earth

If you use Google Latitude, you've likely tried to view your travels in Google Earth. However, when you go into Latitude to export it, you'll find that it only can do a single day at a time. … [Read more...]

Use Junctions to view your social content on a map

Over the years we've seen a few services that help to put your social activities into Google Earth, but none that have done a very effective job of it. That's where Junctions ( comes in, … [Read more...]

Share your ski trips with Google Earth

Growing up in Michigan, I skiied a lot in the winter, but I don't get out nearly as often now that I'm down in Georgia. For those of you more fortunate, Google put out a reminder that there are a lot … [Read more...]

Visualize your GPS tracks with Breadcrumbs

The "visualize your GPS track using Google Earth" field is becoming more crowded, but competition usually leads to better results, and Breadcrumbs seems to be a good example of that. We've discussed a … [Read more...]

Geospatial Revolution: Episode One Released

Back in July, we told you about the Geospatial Revolution project that Penn State Public Broadcasting was putting together. They've now released the first episode and it's quite awesome. The first … [Read more...]

Boat race replays in Google Earth

We've talked before about how you can use Google Earth to record and show GPS tracks from various events, such as off-road running races and biking across Poland. SFGate has a great story about using … [Read more...]