How to use the new Google Earth Tour Builder


Rich Treves at Google Earth Design has provided some great resources over the years such as an animated flood map of London and a variety of Google Earth-based resources for teachers. He recently … [Read more...]

The Year 2013 in Google Earth

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Five tips to help you interpret a satellite image


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How to use Google Earth to assist with your “prepping”


The trend of "prepping", or being prepared specifically for a major societal disruption (large scale rioting, economic collapse, blackouts, etc), is a growing trend. While there is much debate about … [Read more...]

Disabling stereoscopic 3D in Google Earth


Nov 8, 2013: Update from Google's Peter Birch regarding this problem: This has been fixed by nVidia in their 331.65 driver update. You can download this new driver … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth to teach math


A common refrain for students in a math class is "when are we ever gonna need this?" Real World Math is a site that tries to put math skills into real-world situations to help them feel more useful to … [Read more...]

Five tools to make Google Earth more useful


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Embed your Google+ posts into Google Earth


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“Why does Google Earth keep tilting the view when I zoom in?”

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More great Google Earth resources for teachers


Last month we shared some great tips for you on how to use Google Earth in academic settings as the school year was kicking off.  Rich Treves at Google Earth Design has taken it further and launched a … [Read more...]