Measuring distances with the Google Earth Ruler

The "ruler" tool in Google Earth has always been useful, and it has seen a number of improvements over the years. To get started with it, simply go to [Tools] --> [Ruler] in Google Earth and it'll … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth with the Leap Motion Controller


My Leap Motion controller arrived a few days ago and I've been spending some time getting familiar with it.  The SpaceNavigator has long been my favorite controller for Google Earth, but the Leap … [Read more...]

What the imagery dates really mean in Google Earth


As you probably know, when you're looking at an area on Google Earth, the date the imagery was captured appears in the bottom center of the screen, as shown here: However, what does that date … [Read more...]

The SpaceNavigator remains the best way to use Google Earth


With the LeapMotion finally launching soon (hopefully), I thought it'd be fun to once again take a look at the current king of Google Earth controls -- the 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator. It's been … [Read more...]

Mashable’s “Google Earth Tips for Power Users”


Mashable recently posted an article titled "10 Google Earth Tips for Power Users" that gained quite a bit of attention.  If you read our site very often you're likely already familiar with the tips, … [Read more...]

Tips for optimizing Google Earth


If you're wondering what Google Earth experts do to make things run faster or better, this post describes tips on how to set up your Google Earth options ("Preferences" on the Mac). These options can … [Read more...]

Shadows from days gone by


A few days ago, the official +Google Earth page shared a neat tip to be able to see the sun's shadows on the earth from "days gone by": click View > Sun. Tilt your view so the horizon is in focus, … [Read more...]

Correcting map and location errors in Google Earth

We get a lot of emails from users asking us to correct data errors in Google Earth -- incorrect road names, mis-marked addresses, etc. We can't do that directly, but fortunately Google has a great … [Read more...]

Turning a paper map into a 3D image overlay


As we mentioned recently with the historic maps from North Carolina, the "image overlay" feature in Google Earth is quite powerful. If you've never created one before, Kerry Leith from Stress-driven … [Read more...]

The Google Earth Balloon Maker


Google Earth is an amazing tool for education.  Frank has shown off educational uses for Earth a number of times over the years, and we've seen other examples such as schools allowing the use of … [Read more...]