The Google Earth cache

The Google Earth cache not only provides significant performance benefits but also allows Google Earth to be used offline. For more on how to do this, see this post by Frank.The cache settings can … [Read more...]

Ten Years of Amazing Google Earth Visualizations

Google Earth was first released on June 28, 2005. Now, in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Google Earth's release, we would like to share just a few examples of the best user applications of … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash in Google Earth

In our post on UrtheCast earlier this week, we incorrectly stated that Google Earth's internal browser does not support flash content. It actually does and has done so since version 4.2.To test … [Read more...]

Google Earth Elevation Profiles

An often overlooked feature of Google Earth, elevation profiles were first introduced in version 5.2. The feature is easy to use, all you need is a path selected in your 'My Places' then go to the … [Read more...]

Understanding Google’s Imagery Updates map part 3: 3D imagery

In the last couple of posts (1) (2) we looked at Google's Imagery Updates map and some of the intricacies around aerial and satellite imagery.Thank you to GEB reader Chris for pointing out in the … [Read more...]

Further comments on understanding Google imagery updates

Yesterday we looked at Google's Imagery Updates map and what it tells us. We mentioned that the imagery being added is not always current imagery. So you may be asking why Google would add old imagery … [Read more...]

Understanding Google’s Imagery Updates map

Last week Google published a map titled 'Monthly Google Earth Imagery Updates', which contains a layer called 'Satellite and Aerial Imagery Updates March - 2015'. So what does this map tell us?The … [Read more...]

Earth Hour

Earth Hour takes place this Saturday, 28th of March at 8:30 pm local time. Earth hour is an annual event designed to raise awareness of global climate change. Participants turn off their lights for a … [Read more...]

Planes in flight and the rainbow effect

Ever since Google Earth was first released, users have been spotting aircraft in flight in the imagery.When an aircraft is captured in flight in Google Earth it is not uncommon for it to have a … [Read more...]

Google Maps ‘Earth’ view FOV

We recently noticed that if you look at a given place in both Google Earth and Google Maps' 'Earth' view, they look a bit different, with distant objects looking closer in Google Maps than in Google … [Read more...]