Where next after the Google Earth API?

With the end of the Google Earth API imminent we are having a look at what various sites that depend, or used to depend on the Google Earth API are doing about it. Earlier this year we did a showcase … [Read more...]

Wild Dogs and the Google Earth API

We recently came across this interesting article about how researchers have created a land cover map of East Africa, differentiating the areas with human land cover vs areas that remain natural. The … [Read more...]

Tour maker with the Google Earth API

With the end of life of the Google Earth API approaching, Paul van Dinther of PlanetInAction.com has decided to release a tool he created for his own use that uses the Google Earth plugin for making … [Read more...]

Google Earth API – one more month to live

In December last year Google announced the deprecation of the Google Earth API (also known as the Google Earth Plug-in). It is set to stop working one month from now on December 12th, 2015. The … [Read more...]

Ten Years of Amazing Google Earth Visualizations

Google Earth was first released on June 28, 2005. Now, in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Google Earth's release, we would like to share just a few examples of the best user applications of … [Read more...]

10 years of Google Earth innovation

In 2004 Google bought startup Keyhole Inc. whose main product was a virtual globe known as Keyhole Earthviewer. On June 28th, 2005, ten years ago yesterday, Google released the renamed Google Earth … [Read more...]

Chrome now making it harder to use the Google Earth plugin

[Update: As of Chrome version 45, released circa 1st September, 2015, Chrome no longer supports NPAPI at all. ] In June last year the Google Chrome team announced that they would be ending support … [Read more...]

Google Earth plugin showcase: Trans Taiwan Ultra-Marathon

This is the thirteenth in our series showcasing the Google Earth plugin. Today's story demonstrates that although the Google Earth plugin has been deprecated it is still very much a working product … [Read more...]

Google Earth plugin showcase: HeyWhatsThat eclipse

This is the twelfth in our series showcasing the Google Earth plugin. This Friday, March 20th, 2015 there will be a total solar eclipse. We have looked at number of eclipses in the past and one of our … [Read more...]

Google Earth plugin showcase: Geo-Wiki

This is the eleventh in our series showcasing the Google Earth plugin and its various uses. Today we are looking at Geo-Wiki, a site that uses crowd-sourcing to do environmental monitoring of the … [Read more...]