Tips to make the Google Earth Flight Simulator easier to use

Alan Huestis writes the Google Earth Flight Sim blog, as he is a big fan of that feature in Google Earth (learn more about the Google Earth flight simulator). Like many of you, he purchased a … [Read more...]

Google Earth Explorer: A fun way to fly through Google Earth

Paul van Dinther is at it again, with another great Google Earth script for us to play with. You'll remember Paul from fun projects he's built such as Ships, Helicopters, and Drive the A-Team … [Read more...]

The Kansas airspace awareness tool

Google Earth PLUGIN required.

Back in February, the Kansas Department of Transportation announced its new Airspace Awareness tool, which they recently launched. The software, funded by a grant from the Federal Aviation … [Read more...]

Tracking the Space Shuttle in Google Earth

Google Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

The space shuttle Atlantis is currently in flight on the program's final voyage after launching from Cape Canaveral a few days ago, and NASA is providing some excellent tools to help track the shuttle … [Read more...]

Play Touristo and Skydiver; very impressive games using the Google Earth Plug-in

Google Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

Jeff Katz, the founding CEO or Orbitz, has recently released Travel Game, an excellent series of games that use the Google Earth Plug-in to power them. The first game in here is called Touristo, which … [Read more...]

Tracking the new Boeing 747-8

Google Earth PLUGIN required.

The new, larger 747 passenger version (747-8 Intercontinental) made its first flight a few weeks ago, and Jon Ostrower at FlightBlogger showed off a video that shows the first hour of the test flight … [Read more...]

Kite Photos of Tikehau Island Now in Google Earth

Google  Earth Required

When Google updated its imagery last week, my latest set of kite aerial photos went live from our Tahina Expedition. This time a small motu island in the Tuamotus atoll of Tikehau, in French … [Read more...]

Track Santa’s journey in Google Earth

Google Earth PLUGIN required.

By the time you read this, Santa will have already begun his journey around the world, starting around 2:00am EST today. His journey will be tracked using a variety of methods including satellites, … [Read more...]

Skydiving in Google Earth

Google's "Demo Slam" has brought out some creative ideas from people. The basic idea is to create a video that uses technology in a unique way. Some are serious, many are funny, and lots of them are … [Read more...]

Take your own aerial photos with the Swinglet CAM

Over the past year, we've shown you a few of the amazing places where Frank has taken aerial photos with his kite, like Petite Tabac, BBQ Island and Manihi. The imagery is certainly stunning, as … [Read more...]