The Spirit of St. Louis in Google Earth


Colin Hazlehurst has contributed some excellent tours to Google Earth over the years.  His most impressive is likely the recreation of Captain James Cook's circumnavigation of New Zealand, but he's … [Read more...]

Taiwan from Above


Steven Ho has done some great work with Google Earth over the years.  He's shown us tours of mountaineering trips, a panorama from the top of Mount Everest, a tribute to Steve Jobs and much more. A … [Read more...]

Falcon UAV drones assisting with flooding in Colorado – until FEMA stops them


A few days ago we shared the Boulder, Colorado crisis response map with you, as the area is continuing to be inundated with rain and flooding.  As they continue to fight the water, another interesting … [Read more...]

The Google Earth Flight Simulator

When Google Earth was first released, one of the first thoughts that many users had was "wow, this could be an amazing tool for a flight simulator".  With the the release of Google Earth 4.2 back in … [Read more...]

Tracking the Boeing Dreamliner in Google Earth


The 787 Dreamliner Flight Tracker is a simple yet robust site that shows the current location of every 787 Dreamliner around the world. Not only does it provide a real-time list of current flights, … [Read more...]

Mashable’s “Google Earth Tips for Power Users”


Mashable recently posted an article titled "10 Google Earth Tips for Power Users" that gained quite a bit of attention.  If you read our site very often you're likely already familiar with the tips, … [Read more...]

Flight Sim Problems in New Google Earth

GE Flight Sim Problems

Did you know Google Earth has a built-in flight simulator?  One of the coolest features Google added to Google Earth was the built-in Flight Simulator (a feature originally added as an easter egg in … [Read more...]

Barcodes for Bombers across the United States

If you've cruised around the United States in Google Earth a lot, you've likely encountered some strange barcode-looking patterns in various places. A good example comes from Walker Field in … [Read more...]

Detailed simulation of the interception of Flight 221

Google Earth PLUGIN required.

Over the years, we've seen Google Earth used to simulate a number of aircraft scenarios. While Google Maps is adequate for many simulations, the 3D nature of Google Earth makes it ideal for air … [Read more...]

More great updates to the Google Earth Flight Simulator

While Google Earth has a built-in option for flying a flight simulator, the better choice for the past few years has been Xavier Tassin's GEFS ("Google Earth Flight Simulator"). It's an incredible … [Read more...]