Visualizing data with GraphEarth

Over the years we've seen a variety of tools to help display graphs in Google Earth, such as GE-Graph and some 3D World Oil Consumption charts. A new product has just been released called GraphEarth, … [Read more...]

Where 2012 – Day Three

The final day of Where 2012 was full of great info. Here's a rundown: News Through Data by Jer Thorp of the New York Times. He discussed a new service called that allows you to share … [Read more...]

Where 2012 – Day Two

Day two of Where 2012 featured some great talks from various people in the industry. Here's a few of the noteworthy things that we were presented with: A Brave New World: Providing Context For What … [Read more...]

Where 2012 – Day One

My day began by going to the Getting Started with the Google Maps API presentation from Kathryn Hurley and Andres Ferrate. While I've certainly used the Maps API quite a bit over the years, a … [Read more...]

Exposing Shantytowns in India with Google Earth

Google Earth is amazing tool for business and for fun, but we've also seen it used to help spur social change a few times. Episode Four of the excellent Geospatial Revolution video series had a … [Read more...]

Google Earth live?

Ever since Google Earth was first released, people have been asking how they can access the "live" version. My standard answer is that it's 10-20 years away, and that's still likely the … [Read more...]

Viewing satellites with Google Earth

Google Earth PLUGIN required.

Over the years, the most popular page on our site has consistently been the "positions of satellites around Earth", with nearly 400,000 views over the years. However, you don't need to see all of the … [Read more...]

Sightseeing heat maps for Google Earth

Google Earth is an amazing tool to visualize data, and over the years we've shown you dozens of examples of that -- everything from census data to Google Analytics to LIDAR, and almost everything … [Read more...]

Using SketchUp for interior design

I love hearing about how companies are using SketchUp in their work more and more often, and Alexander James International is a great example of that. Recently featured in the Google SketchUp Blog, … [Read more...]

Share your GIS success story and win a free ticket to Where 2.0 2012

As you know, in April I'll again be attending the excellent Where 2.0 conference in San Francisco. It's an excellent event and encourage you to consider making the trip out there. If the cost of the … [Read more...]