Google Earth Blog now available on Google Currents

As you may have seen, Google introduced Google Currents last week, a magazine-style app for Android and iOS devices to give you an easy way to keep up with the news. While it took me a few days to get … [Read more...]

A few great new ways to get more out of Google SketchUp

A few great new items have been released to help make SketchUp an even more powerful product to use. The first is the release of Shaderlight v2. We showed you Shaderlight earlier this year, as it's a … [Read more...]

Amazing tool to browse rendered SketchUp models in real time

Over the past few years, we've shown you some great tools to help bring you SketchUp models to life, such as the excellent Shaderlight plug-in. However, these plug-ins have one big issue in common; … [Read more...]

Using hotkeys in Google Earth

David Tryse has written a variety of useful tools for Google Earth in the past few years. His latest is quite simple, but very useful -- Google Earth Hotkeys. It does exactly what the name describes; … [Read more...]

Use Junctions to view your social content on a map

Google Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

Over the years we've seen a few services that help to put your social activities into Google Earth, but none that have done a very effective job of it. That's where Junctions ( comes in, … [Read more...]

Tools to help the armchair archeologist

A few weeks ago, we showed you a recent case of an "armchair archaeologist" who used Google Earth to discover almost 2,000 archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia. With more and more stories like this … [Read more...]

Google Earth for Tablets Should Have Desktop Features

Google Earth on the mobile platform was first released for the iPhone in October 2008. It was very popular (and continues to be so today) thanks to being able to move and zoom with the touch screen, … [Read more...]

Mining for gold with MineCache

Google Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

Last year, we showed you a feature from Gold Maps Online that helped you find areas that were currently being mined. It had some interesting and potentially useful maps, though they charge for … [Read more...]

Android and Google Earth Technology

During the past year I have been sailing through the Caribbean and the south Pacific and, after 13,000 miles of sailing, arrived in New Zealand. Right now, I'm back in the US visiting friends and … [Read more...]

The Google Earth COM API is being phased out

One of the neat things included as part of SketchUp 8 was the new way that it pulled in imagery from Google Earth. Rather than using the Google Earth COM API, as it had for years (Frank covered it in … [Read more...]