FieldNotes LT: Take geo-located notes on your Android device

Nick is an environmental engineering student at UC Berkeley, and has worked with a professor there to produce an app that allows you to take geo-location based notes, attach photos, and export the … [Read more...]

Creating a New Life with Google Earth

Earlier this week we talked about variety of uses for Google Earth in the classroom, and Donald emailed us with another one -- "A New Life", by Classroom Copilot. Using Google Earth, you create a new … [Read more...]

Meograph opens to all users

We first told you about the excellent Meograph tool back in May when they opened for limited beta testing. It is a tool for creating "four dimensional story-telling" with remarkable potential, and … [Read more...]

Sharing your favorite locations in Google Earth

So you're cruising around Google Earth and you find something really cool that you want to share. How do you do it? Here are a few ways: Save a KML file This technique is as old as Google Earth, and … [Read more...]

Where 2012 – Day One

My day began by going to the Getting Started with the Google Maps API presentation from Kathryn Hurley and Andres Ferrate. While I've certainly used the Maps API quite a bit over the years, a … [Read more...]

Integrating Street View with the Google Earth Diorama

A few weeks ago we showed you the Google Earth Diorama, a powerful tool that Paul van Dinther created to help website owners more easily integrate powerful visualizations using the Google Earth … [Read more...]

Google Earth 6.2 released for Android and iOS

Google has just released Google Earth version 6.2 for Android and iOS, and it comes with a lot of nice enhancements. Frank Taylor: This is the upgrade to the mobile version of Google Earth I've been … [Read more...]

Many improvements to Breadcrumbs

We first told you about Breadcrumbs in late 2010. They're a GPS track management site that offers a lot of great features through a nice interface. They've just gone through a major redesign and are … [Read more...]

Traffic congestion visualization in Google Earth

Google Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

We all know that Google Earth is great for visualizing an amazing array of information. However, sometimes it won't support a need that you have and a creative solution must be found. Such is the … [Read more...]

The Year 2011 in Google Earth

Google Earth had a tremendous year in 2011. Our most popular story of the year, by far, was from people searching for Osama bin Laden's compound in May. There was also quite a bit of interest in … [Read more...]