The path of the Olympic torch in Google Earth

Sochi Olympics torch relay_Ribbon

Our friends at DataAppeal, who recently released a variety of updatesto their excellent tool, are back with some great visualizations of the Olympic torch relay. The first is the "Ribbon Path", which … [Read more...]

Using Google Earth to predict light conditions


Google Earth can be a great tool to help plan outdoor photography sessions, but Ben Wilmore takes it a step further and uses some of the tools in Google earth to plan outdoor photography based on the … [Read more...]

Mapping the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Google Earth


The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi will be kicking off in a few days, and while I expect Google will release some neat tools to help you follow the games, George at MyReadingMapped has already put out … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for January, 2014

January saw some great stories related to Google Earth.  Here are my favorites from the month: We took a look at the impressive Google Earth Climate Change, Pollution and Privacy Viewer. The … [Read more...]

Exploring MetLife Stadium, home of the Super Bowl, in Google Earth


With the Super Bowl coming up in a few days, Google has created a variety of tours of MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.  Because that area doesn't yet have "3D Imagery", the model of the stadium is still … [Read more...]

Animating a model aircraft along a spline curve


Around a year ago Paul van Dinther shared a cubic spline curve that identified a path through the Grand Canyon. Colin Hazlehurst (who has created items such as Captain James Cook's exploration of … [Read more...]

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. in Google Earth


In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day today, which marks what would have been his 85th birthday last week, we thought it'd be a good opportunity to look at various MLK-related items we've seen in … [Read more...]

New 3D imagery in Tokyo and other Japanese cities


Google has just pushed out another update to their 3D imagery, this time focused on Japan with the addition of Tokyo, Chiba, Sendai and Kanagawa. As we've seen with each new city that has been … [Read more...]

3D Fireworks in Google Earth

Google Earth PLUGIN required.

In celebration of the new year many people shoot off fireworks, and we love to show off the work of GEB reader 'Steven' who took it a step further and created some great 3D fireworks in Google Earth! … [Read more...]

The Spirit of St. Louis in Google Earth


Colin Hazlehurst has contributed some excellent tours to Google Earth over the years.  His most impressive is likely the recreation of Captain James Cook's circumnavigation of New Zealand, but he's … [Read more...]