Important Basics for Google Earth

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[IMPORTANT NOTE: this post was initially written for Google Earth versions 4.0 through 4.2, but has been updated with tips covering Google Earth 5.2. For more info, you can read tips on navigating … [Read more...]

Google Earth For Sailors and Travelers

A big part of the experience of sailing around the world is meeting up with other sailors doing similar routes. In French Polynesia, we have had numerous opportunities to meet up with the crews of … [Read more...]

New Kite Aerial Imagery of BBQ Island

The San Blas islands are a beautiful archipelago of mostly pristine Caribbean tropical islands located off the northern coast of Panama. There are hundreds of little islands in this area, many of … [Read more...]

My Kite Photos in Google Earth/Maps

Back in October I conducted my first test runs with a kite aerial photography rig I purchased for our five-year sailing trip (see Thanks to a partnership with Google, some of … [Read more...]

Tahina Expedition Departing Soon

In a matter of hours - as early as tomorrow evening - my wife and I will be departing on a five year sailing circumnavigation called the Tahina Expedition. I've mentioned the trip on Google Earth Blog … [Read more...]

Fresh Update to the Ocean Expeditions layer

Google  Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

Google has just updated the Ocean Expeditions layer in Google Earth, and they've added some great content about expeditions around the world. To access this layer, simply check the Ocean Expeditions … [Read more...]

Google Earth Blog Transitions

As many of you know, I'm in the final stages of preparing for a five year sailing circumnavigation called the Tahina Expedition. You will of course be able to follow my wife and I, on every stage of … [Read more...]

New Korea Tourism Layer in Google Earth

It's been a while since there have been significant new layers added to Google Earth. Late last week, Google published a new tourism layer. You find this layer under the Gallery layer folder (near … [Read more...]

Adding Audio to Google Earth Tours

Richard Treves writes the Google Earth Design blog where he often analyzes various Google Earth content and provides critiques and suggestions with the intent to help people understand how to improve … [Read more...]

SketchUp Bridge Competition Winners

Google's SketchUp team has announced the winners of the 3D Student Bridge Modeling Competition. The three winners won cash prizes - first prize was $5000! Jason Wong was the first prize winner. You … [Read more...]