Flight Sim Problems in New Google Earth

GE Flight Sim Problems

Did you know Google Earth has a built-in flight simulator?  One of the coolest features Google added to Google Earth was the built-in Flight Simulator (a feature originally added as an easter egg in … [Read more...]

New Starry Sky in Google Earth 7.1

Google Earth 7.1 night sky

Frank Taylor here, and I'm writing today to share my happiness of a feature in the new Google Earth 7.1 released on Monday. It contains a new feature I first suggested to Google many years ago (around … [Read more...]

Google Sells SketchUp

Google has announced they are selling SketchUp - the 3D modeling tool made famous when @Last Software was acquired by Google and a free version of SketchUp was released in 2006 by Google. The new … [Read more...]

Google Earth 6.2 Released with Google+

Google not only released all new more beautiful imagery of the Earth today, but they also released a whole new version of Google Earth - version 6.2. You can download it here. The biggest news is … [Read more...]

Google Releases Pretty Earth

Google has just this morning released a new, prettier, version of the Earth for Google Earth. The short version is that it now looks much more Earth-like and less like a bunch of satellite and aerial … [Read more...]

Heading to Sydney for GDD

I'm in Australia with Tahina, and the 2011 Sydney Google Developer Day is being held next week. Since it's only a short hop to go visit this one day event, I can't resist the chance to meet up with … [Read more...]

Rome Trip a Treat for Google Earth Community Members

Click for bigger

Google recently invited some top contributors and volunteers for the Google Earth Community to a user summit. The Google Earth Community is an online discussion forum and meeting place to discuss … [Read more...]

Tahina Expedition in Fiji

Google  Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

Frank Taylor here, the founder and publisher of Google Earth Blog. Many of you who are regular readers of Google Earth Blog know that since November of 2009 my wife and I have been traveling by … [Read more...]

Google Earth for Tablets Should Have Desktop Features

Google Earth on the mobile platform was first released for the iPhone in October 2008. It was very popular (and continues to be so today) thanks to being able to move and zoom with the touch screen, … [Read more...]

Kite Photos of Tikehau Island Now in Google Earth

Google  Earth Required

When Google updated its imagery last week, my latest set of kite aerial photos went live from our Tahina Expedition. This time a small motu island in the Tuamotus atoll of Tikehau, in French … [Read more...]