Find out where the Street View cars are currently on the road

Google has just released a major update to their Street View site with a handful of great new features. Notice that this isn’t new imagery, but it’s still quite cool for a few reasons.
Along with greater detail about the various Street View vehicles and your privacy, they’ve added an oft-requested feature: where the cars are currently driving. People often ask when imagery for their city will be updated, and now we get a nice glimpse at the answer.
Beyond that, you can learn the details of how the imagery from cars gets converted to Street View or check out their gallery of locations, which includes some amazing views.


(via Google Lat Long blog)

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  1. Welcome information. Google should do more like this, for example to give background on GE layers.
    Although it’s difficult to judge how much new SV imagery is being created in a country, it looks like we will be seeing Belgium for the first time, expansion of coverage in France, Italy and Spain, and updates (?) in Ireland and the UK. But significantly “no driving” in Germany – perhaps all those opaque privacy screens cost too much.

  2. Eric Bluhm says:

    Is there a way to find out when the Google Street car will be back around to take more updated photos? Specifically I was looking for Austin TX for a client that renovated a hotel and would like this reflected.

  3. Hi,
    Just wondered if the Google Car will go down Harper St, Tinonee, NSW? – i also noticed it hasn’t been though Tinonee in 4 years.


  4. I’m starting to get some traction on my blog where users submit photos everytime they sight the google street view car. Hoping it will catch on:

  5. Linda frohock says:

    I saw it in Midwest City, Oklahoma on Thursday October 16th

  6. when will it come though ashbourne derbishire uk

  7. when will it go down northwood in pearland tx

  8. Ridwan Wagiet says:

    Hi Google Maps

    When will Cape Town and its suburbs be updated. Many changes occurred. I live in Wynberg, 17km from Cape Town and many changes occurred there as well.

    Is there also any way I can help.

  9. I saw one yesterday on westlake Av. In Atlanta, Ga.

  10. Will there be a proper mapping and street view of Jamaica in all the regions?.

  11. One went by my home southbound, yesterday afternoon. CR 1350 East, Howard County, Indiana

  12. Google maps car made it to Spring Break 2015. Panama City Beach Florida. Party on, but stay safe while you’re here.

    • It went through Coral Gables, FL yesterday. Right by the airport. Saw it when we were driving to the airport at 1230pm.

  13. When will I see this in michigan?

  14. just saw it driving south on las vegas blvd past bellagio

  15. June 8 & 9 West Warwick/ Coventry RI at about 10 to 11 am both days.

  16. June 29th around 2:30 pm at 215 E. Main Street, Clinton, CT

  17. Saw it passing the Wayne Township Fire Training center in Indianapolis today. Hope it will go to Westfield and shoot pics of the Grand Park. How long does it take new pics (taken today for example) to show up?

  18. Myrna Berry says:

    Why would the google car video my street 4 times in the past 5 years? My street doesn’t change…..same houses for over 15 years.

  19. Thais Santos says:

    I have JUST seen one at Moore Ave, Baltimore, MD. I want to know when the photos will be updated so I can see myself scandalously waiving.

  20. I saw one in providence yesterday

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