Adding Audio to Google Earth Tours

Richard Treves writes the Google Earth Design blog where he often analyzes various Google Earth content and provides critiques and suggestions with the intent to help people understand how to improve the user experience. Richard works at the School of Geography at the University of Southampton.
Richard has been exploring how to make use of the new Record Tour functionality introduced in Google Earth 5 last February. I’ve mentioned many times that the GE 5 Tour functionality has great potential and have written about some amazing tours produced if you have programming skills (see for example the Apollo 11 tour). However, you can develop some pretty nice tours without coding.
Check out Richard’s tutorial on how to add audio to a recorded tour. As he points out, it is best to record your visualizations first, and then play it back and record your audio in synch with the playback.
Richard also has written two other “howto” articles on Tours: 1) Simple Tour; and 2) Adding elements.

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