Links: Timelapse 3D, Star Tweeting, New Imagery, GeoWeb Glimpse

  • Timelapse 3D – Watch a timelaps movie of a detailed 3D building being made with SketchUp. It took about an hour for the experienced developer at db-3d to complete. Read his blog post. And here is a link to the 3D building shown in the video in the 3DWarehouse.via DigitalUrban

  • Star Tweeting – The maker of EarthTwit, @HusseinNasser (a prolific tweeter and developer) added support for Sky in Google Earth. You can tweet a star now! Read more about EarthTwit.

  • New Imagery – I’m expecting official details, and hopefully a KML file, on the new imagery released on Sunday. Already GEB readers have found many of the locations with new imagery.

  • GeoWeb Glimpse – Over the weekend, @JasonBirch tweeted the location of some videos from GeoWeb (a conference held in Vancouver). I especially enjoyed the Michael T. Jones keynote (part 1 of 7) which revealed some interesting things about Google Earth (more on this later). Also, James Fee has some interesting observations from the conference.

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