GE Tweets: 3D Cities, 53 Stations, New Earth API Docs

Trying a new technique of rounding up links of GE stories. Using Twitter, @Geartblog will take note of GE-related stories and tweet (or RT) them. Occasionally I’ll round up the best and possibly add a few notes and more related links on the blog. This way I can elaborate more than 140 characters on what is interesting about the tweets. Recent Tweets from Gearthblog:

  • 3D Cities – DigitalEarthBlog has posted a story about the University of Washington’s research into using photogrammetry techniques to build 3D cities from user-contributed photos. They used Flickr as a basis. I’m betting Google has at least been experimenting with this technique using their own Panoramio. But, I think another cool by-product will be 3D Geotagged photos. Google is already kind of doing this with the Panoramio Lookaround (recently added to Street View too). I want to see auto-generated PhotoOverlays of Panoramio come out of this.

  • 53 Stations – A very thoroughly researched KML collection posted at the Google Earth Community about the 53 Stations of Tōkaidō (East Sea Road) in Japan has resulted in a TV documentary in Belgium. See sample at YouTube.

  • New Earth API Docs – Googler Mano Marks tweeted that they have re-vamped the developer documentation for the Google Earth API.

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