Favorite Places of Famous People in Google Earth

A few days ago, Google announced they had mapped the favorite places of famous people which you could view in Google Maps. I was a bit disappointed because there was no real Google Earth angle to the news – even though it was obvious to me you could put the placemarks into Google Earth pretty easily. I even thought about doing it myself. Thankfully, Googler Roman Nurik took care of it and did a much better job than just copying the placemarks. Instead, he created a GE visualization you can view in your browser which uses the GE 5 Tour mode in a very slick fashion letting you fly between each favorite location of a famous person. Check out the favorite places using Google Earth here . Select a person, and a tour of their favorite places begins. When it stops at a placemark, you can check the location out – then select the “Continue the tour” (or click the play button). Great work Roman!

Favorite Places in Google Earth

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  1. This was actually a collaborative effort between a few people, so thanks to them as well!

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