Drive an Apollo Lunar Rover on the Moon! Fun Game!

This is soooo cool! You can now drive an Apollo Lunar Rover , just like the astronauts, on the moon right in your browser! I actually suggested this on Monday after seeing the launch of Moon in Google Earth (see the bottom of this post). It’s a simple idea really – take the code from Monster Milktruck, replace the truck with an Apollo lander, and create a little GE API application web page. Here’s what it looks like:

Lunar Rover simulator game in Google Earth

Run the Apollo Lunar Rover game right here .
I suggest trying the Apollo 17 landing site, or the Apollo 15 landing site for some really rugged terrain. It’s also cool that you can see the tracks of each Apollo mission and re-drive the same paths.
See the announcement by Roman Nurik at the Google GeoDeveloper’s Blog

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  1. Awesome, I am wondering if they will make google venus, mercury, and if you can use the air ship blimp of google earth ships and use it on the moon, it would be super awesome thanks guys.

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