Exoplanet Astronomy Star Trek Style

I stumbled upon a cool site that tells you some basic facts about known exoplanets. But, rather than a boring web page, it pretends you are on the bridge of a Star Trek ship using the computer. The underlying planet view comes from a Google Earth plugin using the Sky mode. Yet another fun example of using the GE API and plugin in innovative ways with an educational twist.
Star Trek-style view on exoplanets using Google Sky

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  1. Really nice site! and excellent/neat programming
    Still I didn’t see the search for planets/stars feature.

  2. Frank Taylor says:

    @Hussein: The site lets you look at the planets in the GE plugin part of the interface. Simply put your mouse over a planet and they show data on the planet on the right side of the “star trek” screen (NOTE: you may have to make your browser page larger, or scroll the page to the right to see the rest of the interface).

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