Earthtwit – Combining Twitter with Google Earth Plugin

Ever felt like just tweeting a location to someone through Twitter? This isn’t something that would work on the iPhone (or any other phone for that matter – yet). But, many of us read twitter most of the time through a browser. Hussein Nasser created a little app called Earthtwit that uses the Google Earth plugin so you can view a place and then “Twit” the location (by signing in with your Twitter ID using the API). The resulting tweet includes your short message and a URL which lets the reader see the location with the GE plugin. Very cool idea!

Earthtwit - tweeting a GE location on twitter

Look for this tweet on my twitter page (complete with typo).
I’m amazed I hadn’t thought of Twitter as a vehicle for passing locations around with the GE plugin before. I’ve passed links to blog posts and even a link to a KML. It was a “duh” moment when I saw this. I have some ideas now for using things like Tagzania with Twitter to view GE locations. The same author who created Earthtwit also created a Google Maps version called Maptwit, and some other cool apps. More details at GoogleMapsMania.

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