Submarine Sim for Google Ocean

Speaking of submarines, when the new 3D Ocean was added to Google Earth 5 back in February, my first impression was that the experience of going through the ocean was like being in a submarine. A week ago, André, the author of WikiSailing, let me test his latest creation: a submarine simulator for the Google Earth plugin. You can now try out André’s sub simulator at: which is an on-line nautical guide which provides information and photos about coastal navigation and ports. Just scroll down and look on the lower right for “Virtual Dive”. You can choose to be a submarine or a killer whale.

Submarine sim in Google Earth

Hit the “Run/Pause” button to start. I suggest you click on the “Speed” option’s “+” key to make the sub go faster. Then use the right and left arrow keys to turn. You can use the up and down arrow keys to control your depth.

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  1. GE fan 500 says:

    Cool idea! But it’s a little too jerky for me.

  2. nice

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