St. Patrick’s Day Fun with Google Earth

This is probably late in the day for some of you, but I thought I would share a few important tips about Google Earth with regards to St. Patrick’s Day. Did you know you can search for Irish Pubs with Google Earth? Did you know someone created a huge tribute to St. Patrick’s in the shape of trees visible from space? The following YouTube video will show you all this and more:

Note, I first saw the tree tribute to St. Patrick’s at GoogleSightseeing (they have the location there). Music in the video is called “The Girl’s Set” from the album “Live at Painted Sky” by Banshee in the Kitchen.

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  1. Great fun. Just one question. Why did you choose Westport,Co. Mayo?

  2. I chose Westport because it is the only town in Ireland I’m aware of that has photo-realistic 3D buildings.
    Read this story for more info about it:

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