Links: New 3D Town Project, Model Underwater, World’s Largest Ship Graveyard

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  1. auroragb says:

    > it is now possible to place 3D models in the ocean.
    Like models of Atlantis? right beneath the “sonar tracks” j/k

  2. Ships graveyard
    An impressive array of redundant fishing vessels, but not the largest graveyard. This can be seen on GE at Alang beach in Gugerat state, India, where half the world’s ship breaking takes place (see Wiki place-mark). The port of Athens, Greece also has an impressive collection of redundant cruise ships and ferries.
    GE is a great way for those interested in merchant and military shipping to check out port activity, and even better now with the history layer.

  3. smokeonit says:

    the madison, NJ, thing is a great project!
    google is really doing a good thing helping as muc has they do;-)

  4. Yellow SEO says:

    Wow community modeling in 3-D Madison, New Jersey what a cool project for kids, my Boy scouts troop when I was kid only built a tree bridge.

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