Google Earth 5 Announcement Video

Google Earth 5 was announced last week with fanfare at the California Academy of Sciences. Although its been a while, I thought some Google Earth fans might be interested to see how important Google and others thought the new Google Earth 5 would be. Speakers included: Greg Farrington (of California Academy of Sciences), Dr. Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google), John Hanke (Director of Google Geo), Vice President Al Gore, Dr. Sylvia Earle (noted oceanographer from National Geographic Society), Terry Garcia, Marissa Mayer (VP of Google), and Jimmy Buffett (noted ocean musician!). Here is the official video of the event:

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  1. Interesting video. Wondering if you saw the kmz file about the two satillites that collided?
    Here is a post on it.

  2. I saw a short David Attenborough interview at ARKive about Google Earth 5.0. He seemed to be so excited as I am feeling last days, diving into the deeps of the Ocean…Google sometimes is a charade, but, for me, feels like a good one…evil? I prefer to read this word in a reverse way, as if I was Alice…with all that consciousness!

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