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Holiday Greeting in Google EarthIt has been another great year for Google Earth, and Christmas is almost upon us. Make sure you check out the Google Earth Santa Tracker on December 24th. There is also some other Santa content for Google Earth. And, there’s a cool iPhone Santa tracker available for free from Earthscape which is a Google Earth-like globe.
Best of wishes to all GEB readers for some happy holidays! Thanks to all of you for reading my blog and best wishes for a happy new year! Last year I developed a KML Happy Holidays greeting with some help from an artist named Stefan Lorimer. This year, you can view the same “greeting card” in your browser. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Mark Reidy says:

    Looking at who is going to enter the 25th first, i found this at these coordinates: lat:1°54’36.16″N
    Long:157°29’56.84″W and height:81km
    The ghost of the Christmas Islands (not Christmas island:-)

  2. … and a Happy Holiday to you to Frank :)
    Thanks for all the work you do to bring so much content to our attention.
    I raise a glass in a toast to you.

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