Google Earth Plugin Roundup

Now that the Google Earth plugin is available for the Mac as well as Windows I thought it would be time to make it easier to find plugin related stories at GEB. So, there is now a GE Plugin category for posts on that topic. To help highlight some of the best GE Plugin stories, here is a short roundup of some of the best (in chronological order):

  • Announcement of Google Earth Plugin – I attended the Google I/O conference last May and was there when Michael Jones announced the new plugin.

  • Monster Milk Truck – The first game made for Google Earth Plugin with a 3D truck you can drive around.

  • First wave of plugins – Here are some of the first plugins done by non-Google developers.

  • Bouncing Earth – James Stafford makes a controllable animation with the plugin.

  • Embedding GE Plugin – Several tools to allow you to embed the GE plugin in a web page without programming.

  • 3D Driving Directions – A cool way to show driving directions by driving there with the plugin.

  • Real-Time Satellites – See 13,000 satellites around the Earth tracked in real-time. Includes a link to a plugin version available here at GEB.

  • EarthAtlas – An application which provides access to a broad range of the features of the plugin – making it closer to the real GE application.

  • 3D Building Tour – A cool way of doing architecture walkthrough using the plugin.

  • Paragliding simulator – Just like you would expect. Someone created a simulator which uses the plugin to let you fly like you were in a paraglider.

  • Frank Gehry Tour – A cool 3D tour of 3D buildings by a famous architect at EarthSwoop which is a plugin-based site which lets you create and view tours for Google Earth viewing.

  • Famous Tourist Sites – Another cool tour available at EarthSwoop.

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  1. I am sure it is available somewhere but I am looking for a date the image I am looking at was photographed. Several times I have identified possible business locations, only to arrive to find a mall was built on site five years ago, or there is now a water retension pond on the site.

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