MutliTouch Wall Demo – Hilarious

This is only vaguely related to Google Earth (they do show some satellite photos), but I just thought it was too funny. Saturday Night Live last night made fun of how some news stations have gone too far with their big multi-touch wall “tools”. You can watch it here (move over to 5:30 to see the start of the wall skit):

via Engadget

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  1. It was funny but somebody has to fix that map behind the news desk. What an abomination.

  2. Merci for the video link,
    I really appreciate the chuckles this a.m. Considering I am stepping the mast and prepping for the winter ice here in Minnesota, It set a new perspective for my day.

  3. Brilliant Frank – thanks, had me laughing out loud, and I especially liked Mr “Fix IT” LOL

  4. If you watch CNN after the elections, you’ll probably see Google Earth in our “Magic Wall” during our weather segments. Its really a blast to have the entire Earth at the tip of your fingers :)

  5. Femi Buraimoh says:

    When are we gettin a street level view in Nigeria?

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