Links: Math Lessons, Chemical Brothers Video, Radar Loops, Swedish Hires

I’ve got a report coming about our new sailboat and some places we’ve gone. And also how I’ve stayed connected to the net. But, it may have to wait until tomorrow so I can process GPS tracks and photos.

  • Math Lessons in GE – Tomas Petra has created a number of math lessons and lesson plans for grades 5 and up which all leverage Google Earth as a teaching tool and way to stimulate ideas. From what I’ve seen so far, there are some excellent ideas in here. Teachers take note!

  • Chemical Brothers Video – Back in early August GEB mentioned that the music group Chemical Brothers was trying a global video project inviting fans to create videos using Google Earth around their new single “Midnight Madness“. They have now released the video which uses a number of animated fly-bys, and other techniques, involving Google Earth. Check it out:

    via FaceTheMusik

  • Radar Loops – ‘Randor’ at the GEC has rounded up links to the NOAA radar animation loops for various regions in the US for Google Earth into a single collection. Very handy if you want to check realtime radar with animations of the past few minutes. Download the radar animations here .

  • Swedish Hires – ‘Jonas_Y’ at the GEC created a network link which lets you automatically overlay in GE high resolution imagery for the country of Sweden from Eniro (major telephone book company of Sweden). This is a great way to get high resolution imagery for places not yet high resolution in GE for Sweden. Download the network link here .

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