Mike’s Flying Bike for Google Earth

Ok, I have to say this is the craziest way to control Google Earth I’ve seen yet (even crazier than the ping pong ball interface). This guy Mike has used a SunSPOT (a 3D sensor device that has a Java software interface) to enable his bicycle to serve as a flight control joystick for Google Earth’s flight simulator. He claims the pedals serve as the power control, and has built a couple other lever controls for what looks like aerolon (banking) controls. Anyway, check out Mike’s Flying Bike YouTube video:

Thanks to Mike Pegg for the tip!
Btw, here are tips on flying the Google Earth flight simulator.

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  1. John Novin says:

    That’s so cool. You gotta get a projector.

  2. Hahaha….
    That’s a brilliant idea, crazy yeah, but extremely cool! Reminds me of the movie E.T.

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