Google Earth Plugin API Links and Video

Google’s documentation for the new Google Earth plugin and API are now live.
Here’s Google’s video of the new plugin:

Also, Brady Forrest at O’Reilley Radar has a good overview of the new announcement. [UPDATE June 6th: See more thoughts on the API.]

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  1. Just so you know, it doesn’t work in Firefox 3 Beta.

  2. That plugin is only for windows so far? Would LOVE to have this working on my map…

  3. Henry Suarez says:

    I am not able to install the earth browser-plugin with Win2K.
    Neither in IE6 nor in Firefox

  4. smokeonit says:

    no safari support!

  5. I love Google!
    I know a very good site tha uses this. Its a real estate search engine called Imobilien.

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