New Greenpeace Layer in Google Earth

Google has just added a new layer under the Global Awareness layer folder by the environmental activist organization: Greenpeace. The layer in Google Earth is focused on the climate and forests. I discovered this because of the Preview sublayer in the Geographic Web layer – the Greenpeace icons are quite noticeable. Then I discovered that this new layer was announced by Google Earth’s Outreach Director Rebecca Moore in Hamburg Germany thanks to a blog post by Brian Fit.

Greenpeace layer in Google Earth

The video in the placemark found in southwest Argentina showing a glacier is a really cool commercial by a guy who ages as he talks and the glacier behind him melts. You can see it here on YouTube. Also, one of the placemarks has a photo of a bunch of naked people – I’m not kidding!

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  1. Hi Frank,
    I was just wondering how does google decide on what layers they accept? Or can anyone just upload a layer so it’s available for everyone to see or is it not that easy?
    Thank you.

  2. Jonathan Andrew says:

    Google edit the layers at the moment, but eventually they say they’ll make it ‘open’- just like the web.

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