Video Tutorials Inside Google Earth

Video Tutorial inside Google EarthGoogle has been releasing a number of useful video tutorials both through the Google Earth Outreach program, as well as through the GE basics blog called Using Google Earth. Richard Treves, who writes a blog about Google Earth design, decided to try making tutorials inside GE by leveraging GE 4.2′s ability to show videos in placemark balloons (currently works only on the Windows version). And to make it even more convoluted, but eminently logical, the tutorials are about using Google Earth. He recently posted an initial collection of tutorials and explains some of the reasoning and pluses and minuses. You can try out the collection of tutorials inside GE here . The tutorials provide help on using Google Earth features and navigation interfaces. Richard is using these at the University of Southampton, where he teaches, but also has released them under a creative commons license for others to use. Great idea Richard! Hopefully other people – maybe even Google – will follow this concept to extend people’s understanding of the power of Google Earth.
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