Superdelegates in Google Earth

SuperDelegates in Google EarthIn an official Google Blog post, Rick Klau describes a wiki page he developed called This site is mostly interesting if you are following the US Presidential Democratic nomination process. But, it also may be of interest to those of you looking for another way to create Google Earth content. Rick uses MediaWiki and a clever extension called KML Export by Juliano Ravasi to generate a Google Earth file to show geospatial data from the Wiki. The result lets you view a map in Google Earth of the Superdelegates and icons representing whether they support Obama, Clinton, or are undecided at this point.
I do have some advice though: Rick should share a network link which points to his file instead. This way people can save it in their My Places and be able to easily check to see the current status of the Superdelegates. Of course, you could just go back to his site and re-download the file when you want to check, or create your own network link pointing to the file.

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