World’s Largest Fingerprint and Face Art

When looking at the imagery in Google Earth, you often find amazing sights you would never expect. is a blog which often highlights some of the more bizarre and unusual finds. Recently they found a couple I found particularly entertaining.
World's largest fingerprint in Google EarthFirst up we have the world’s largest fingerprint – it’s a 38 meter tall fingerprint which you can see in Google Earth . When I first saw it, I thought for sure this was a fingerprint someone put on the negative of an aerial photo. But, when I looked closely it seemed it was really there. Then I noticed the link in the bottom of Googlesightseeing’s story which reveals this is actually a fingerprint someone built in a park!
Giant face in Google EarthNext up, someone named Jennifer found what looks like an amazingly large artistic-like rendering of a face in a field in Ohio. The general consensus is that it just coincidentally looks like a face, but it’s just an odd coincidence of tree, towers, and tractor tracks which when viewed from above our eyes convert into a drawing. But, wow! Check out the face in GE .
Amazing sights!

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  1. Are these objects found by chance or made by artists?

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