Top 25 Stories of Google Earth 2007

The following are my favorite stories about Google Earth in 2007. In retrospect, Google Earth had a fantastic year both in terms of new features and data added, but also in the wide acceptance and influence the application has created throughout the world. There also were a lot of interesting finds in the imagery, and cool content developed by creative GE users around the world. The list is presented in chronological order – with a few comments for perspective.

  1. Google Earth 4 Officially Released – Major new release, lots of new features added.
  2. Car parked on side of building – Not a fake!
  3. Guatemala Sinkhole – Found the location of a bizarre news story.
  4. Swiss Alps Fighter Tour – I was told Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, liked this one!
  5. Dig a Hole Through Google Earth – Ever wondered what is under you?
  6. Clean Underwear and Google Earth – Funny!
  7. Rising Sea Level Animations – Popular animations.
  8. Google Earth on the Simpsons – This proves GE has reached critical mass!
  9. Crisis in Darfur Layer ReleasedGets Presidential Notice – Most significant new layer.
  10. Google Acquires Panoramio – Very cool news!
  11. Weather and Storm Tracking Tools for Google Earth – Weather is cool stuff in GE!
  12. Google Earth Outreach Announced – Significant new program for reaching the public.
  13. Western US High Resolution Terrain – Lots of new high-res terrain added this year!
  14. Blues Brothers Jump Bridge – You have to watch this video if you’re a fan!
  15. Our Sailing Holiday – GPS tracks, photos, and placemarks.
  16. Google Earth Layers – the most overlooked feature of Google Earth
  17. Google Earth 4.2 Released – Google Sky – Big new release! Lots of new features!
  18. Google Earth Flight Simulator Tips – Tips on how to use this cool easter egg.
  19. Star Wars 3D Sky Animation – Fun animation for Sky
  20. Help Find Steve Fossett – No one found him, but they sure tried. Notice comments.
  21. YouTube Layer in Google Earth – Cool new layer.
  22. California Fires in Google Earth – Big news turns to Maps and Earth
  23. Weather Layer in Google Earth – Finally a weather layer!
  24. Arctic Ice Melting Animation – Whoa, the ice melted that much!?
  25. Astronaut Mode in Google Earth – Very fun add-on for Google Earth

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