Planets Layer in Sky Updated

Planets and Moon in Google Earth SkyWhen Google Earth 4.2 came out with the new Sky mode on August 22, they included two layers called “The Moon” and “The Planets“. These layers use the time slider to show you the positions of the moon and planets in the night sky. The only problem is that the layers only included three months worth of prediction. So, on October 22 they no longer showed future data. Google realized the problem and posted a new update at the end of the month. Google mentioned that they are working on a way to automatically keep the layers updated. Don’t forget the nice add-on which shows a top-down view of the solar system while playing the time loop.

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  1. Iintroduced my 2 grandchildren to google earth a 15 yr old and a 20 yr old when we had returned from a holiday in the Carribbean and they were amazed that a 71 yr old grandma could show them something so amazing, they said “wow grandma how coolis that”

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