It’s About Time – KML Articles by Google

Google has published a couple of articles at the Maps API blog about using KML (the markup language behind Google Earth which makes the good stuff work). It’s good to see more attention being given to helping people learn how to use the more sophisticated aspects of Google Earth. I particularly like the fact that Google uses examples developed by people from the user community who have developed some of the more innovative applications of the features highlighted.
The first article talks about the features which enable time animations in Google Earth. I particularly like the London Eye with Shadow animation done by James Stafford (more details from GEB story here). They also use the Blue Marble time animation which I developed last year (although they didn’t credit me in the article – I had a bit of a challenge developing the animation at the time because there was a bug in the beta of GE 4 at the time – and there was no tutorial like this).
The second article is by Valery Hronusov from Perm Russia on the subject of “Using KML in the Google Mashup Editor“. Valery has probably developed more innovative applications of KML than anyone else in the user community (see examples written about at GEB). Valery seems to really like this new Google Mashup Editor. He uses examples from the PictEarth flying missions which Valery is involved with.

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