3D Buildings – Groningen, Netherlands

It’s been a while since I did a Friday morning 3D Model highlight. Today I’m highlighting a collection of models of Groningen in the Netherlands. This collection was created by four students at the local university and André Scholten who wrote me an e-mail to let me know about them. The models were created using Google SketchUp and most use photo textures to add detail. I’ve created a KML folder with a sample of the buildings to allow you to more quickly load several of the models within Google Earth. Double click on each network link to be flown to a view of each building. The models are a little too detailed I think to make it in the “Best of 3D Warehouse“. They should read the tips on qualifying for the 3D Buildings layer here. There is a write-up of the collection at a local web site (dutch), which includes a nice YouTube video showing off the buildings:

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  1. I wonder why their “small” screenshots are upsampled low-res screenshots and the “large” ones are the same screenshots upsampled even more, without compression!

  2. @Jonathan: that was for the local newspaper, they needed an bigger version. We simple upscaled the small versions and that was good enough for them ;)

  3. I have been in Groningen many times, its a very beautiful city.

  4. Ok, great. I know for sure that i would take a lot oif time to do this! I’ve been there many times and it actually looks like it.!

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