Terrible Accident Found in Google Earth Imagery – Or is it?

GoogleSightseeing.com points to two terrible-looking accidents found close to one another in new imagery from Berlin, Germany. The first shows a double-decker bus on its side which is crushing another car beneath it. And, then just a few dozen meters away is a train which has crashed into a car and two other cars having crashed into the train. But, then things get a little weird. It turns out the train tracks are barely longer than the train.
These awful looking wrecks were discovered by some folks at the Google Earth Community. GEC member ‘Felippo’ points out that these “accidents” are actually part of a firefighting training facility called Feuerwehr- und Rettungsdienstschule Berlin. You can see the two “accidents” in Google Earth.
Here are some other accident stories involving Google Earth:

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  1. in two seconds you see all in a small area, you see form of facilities, it’s a training center for police or firemen … ( just take a look at vehicles with gyro and with the same colors )

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